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Last Updated Jul 08, 2015 — DevOps Expert

3 July Webinars You Can't Afford To Miss


If you aren't spending your July sitting on a white sand beach somewhere in the Caribbean sipping rum out of a coconut, then Continuous Delivery, Agile, and Test Management webinars are the next best thing. Okay, maybe not the next best thing, but they are the best place to engage with experts on the topics that are transforming the IT world. On July 22nd, financial services leader Rabobank talks about their transformation to Agile and Continuous Delivery. On July 29th, Andrew Phillips discusses how the leveraging the Jenkins workflow plugin will help you deliver better software faster. Finally, on July 30th, talks about Test Management and how it allowed them to scale their enterprise. Check out our 3 July Webinars You Can't Afford to Miss and register today!

How One of the 15 Safest Banks in the World Outcompetes the Tech Distributors

When: July 22, 7:00 AM EST / 11:00 AM ESTdevops_Xebia_Banner_v2-770x300The financial services industry has changed more in the last 15 years than in the previous thousand. Customers expect constant access through secure mobile interactions with providers; interactions that no longer take place within the four walls of a bank. At the same time, financial services companies are dealing with ever-growing regulation. Join Sander Ettema, Manager, Linux Infrastructure Services at Rabobank and Andrew Phillips, VP, Products for XebiaLabs as they examine how Rabobank has transformed its software delivery by implementing Agile development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Learn tips on how to stay ahead of the curve in an age where the competitive landscape is shifting at light speed and rapidly moving beyond other financial services companies to include tech giants like Google and Apple. Attend and learn how to:
  • Create a culture of innovation and adapt your IT organization for rapid change.
  • Deliver on customer expectations by modernizing your IT software delivery landscape with an open platform for Continuous Delivery.
  • Get started quickly and leverage your existing IT infrastructure for rapid results and understand the key metrics to watch along the way.
  • Lead an IT transformation in the highly regulated environment of financial services.


Using Jenkins & XebiaLabs Software to Ensure Quality in Continuous Delivery

When: July 29th, 1:00 PM ESTjenkins-and-xebialabsWith the growing need to quickly release software and add value for customers, the trend towards Continuous Delivery is undeniable. At the same time, challenges exist in managing code quality within the software delivery pipeline. You are likely to have numerous tests in your pipelines to ensure quality, but making sense of all the test results produced by various jobs – and identifying the culprits and repeat offenders – becomes harder and harder as you speed up the delivery of your software. XebiaLabs and CloudBees can help you deliver better software faster. Join Andrew Phillips, VP, Products of XebiaLabs live to see how you can:
  • Quickly understand and improve the quality of your code by leveraging the Jenkins Workflow plugin and XL TestView’s aggregation, reporting, and qualification capabilities.
  • Make sense of your test data – collect, visualize and analyze data from all of your test tools in one central dashboard.
  • Extract test results directly from multiple Jenkins jobs and visualize them in a consistent way.


Seamless Automated Test Management at Scale

When: July 30th, 2:00 PM ESTbolxl.fwTo be competitive in the age of agile and continuous delivery, websites must deliver robust applications with compelling, intuitive user experiences—especially at scale. As test managers and development teams increasingly depend on automated testing as a crucial part of their development lifecycle, they also must contend with the end result – more tests to manage and more test results to interpret. New best practices are needed to manage all of these test tools, interpret their results and to ensure testing is a seamless part of their release process. Join Jeroen Ruijgers, a software engineer focused on test automation at one of the largest major online retailers, and Viktor Clerc, product manager at XebiaLabs, to learn proven practices for setting up test management across a spectrum of test tools. Learn how to optimize your test process by:
  • Using test slaves to slice up large test suites into multiple, parallel-run parts
  • Quickly identifying tests with above-average duration that require special attention
  • Providing tooling and support for quickly rerunning tests
  • Reporting on trends across development teams, applications, and components
  • Implementing practices that scale

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