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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Dec 04, 2017 — DevOps Expert

5 DevOps Webinars You Need to Watch


Everybody’s looking for DevOps questions. That’s why XebiaLabs is committed to helping you find solutions to your problems and keeping you on top of what's going on in the DevOps world. One way we do that is through frequent webinars featuring leading DevOps experts who offer advice for dealing with the most pressing issues of the day. Below are 5 must-watch DevOps webinars to get you started.

Everybody's looking for answers to DevOps questions

1. Expanding Pockets of DevOps Greatness

There’s plenty of evidence that DevOps is great for organizations in terms of agility, security, customer satisfaction, and market competitiveness. As a DevOps champion, you’ve experienced these benefits, but how do you spread DevOps throughout your organization to achieve a total DevOps transformation? DevOps expert Gene Kim and Jeff Gallimore of Excella Consulting explain how.

2. Scaling DevOps - Delivering on the Promise of Business Velocity and Quality

There is one constant in all our lives – change, and change is accelerating. Digital disruption is rampant, and groundbreaking technologies are driving innovative business models across every vertical from banking to public services. To succeed with innovation at speed, IT organizations must accelerate their release velocity – and do it with greater quality, security and availability! Hear from Forrester analyst and DevOps expert, Rob Stroud, about how even the largest enterprise can smoothly and successfully scale their DevOps implementation.

DevOps Forward and Back webinar with Gene Kim


DevOps Forward and Back with Gene Kim

Be sure to watch this special end-of-year webinar where we explore the 5 most important DevOps developments in 2017 and forecast the 5 most important trends we expect in the year ahead.

3. The Forgotten Secret to DevOps Success: Measurement

The most innovative organizations use metrics to measure the right things so they can make their DevOps awesome. You want to measure the right things too, but where should you start and what should you measure…and not measure? DevOps measurement expert Dr. Nicole Forsgren discusses the key outcomes that every organization should know and why they’re important in driving value.

4. Winning Over Individual DevOps Skeptics

There’s always one in the crowd. That lone holdout standing in the way of your DevOps transformation. Gene Kim and special guest, Pauly Comtois, VP of DevOps at Hearst Business Media, share their experiences on what makes these naysayers tick and how to win them over.

5. Crossing the DevOps and Infosec Divide

DevOps breaks down the barriers that keep IT teams from getting great software to customers faster. But what about security? Far from being an obstacle to software delivery, many organizations are seeing the business value of integrating security into DevOps. Experts Derek Weeks of Sonatype, Tim Buntel of XebiaLabs, and Gene Kim discuss some common challenges enterprise DevSecOps teams are facing and how to overcome them. Learn out about our upcoming webinars and view our entire library of on-demand webinars here.

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