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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Jan 09, 2019 — DevOps Expert

7 Predictions for DevOps in 2019


When we think about where DevOps is headed in 2019, it's easy to start looking at things like AI and machine learning, the ongoing consolidation in the cloud market, and the rise of DevSecOps. But we all know that DevOps involves more than tech and tooling--the people part matters a lot too.

So, we turned to our people, the DevOps flag-bearers at XebiaLabs, to get a sense of what they're expecting to unfold in the DevOps space in 2019.

Here are seven predictions for the next 12 months in DevOps.

1. In 2019, integrating Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines with the overall DevOps pipeline will become a priority for organizations that want to increase time spent on feature development and accelerate time to production. The ability to monitor CI pipelines and their data alongside other pipeline activities will be essential for keeping everyone in the release process up-to-date and for reducing the amount of time developers spend on extraneous tasks.

Andreas Prins, Vice President of Product Development, XebiaLabs

2. As speed and quality of software delivery are now massive competitive advantages for large enterprises, more organizations will look to value stream mapping to understand whether they’re connecting the dots between their software development and overall business value. This shift will reduce waste across the software release pipeline and create greater cross-functional team collaboration.

Lisa Wells, Vice President of Product Marketing, XebiaLabs

3. In 2019, the pressure on IT to continually improve the business value of software will increase. As a result, organizations will look for ways to mine the large amounts of machine data created by their delivery process, expanding beyond postmortem analysis to include predictive DevOps. This approach will allow them to better anticipate problems in their delivery flow and infrastructure that could negatively impact application quality and security and slow down time to market.

Lisa Wells, Vice President of Product Marketing, XebiaLabs

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4. DevOps is about people, process and tools. For any DevOps initiative, the people and process need to come first to deliver the most value. In 2019, we will see enterprises place increasing emphasis on fostering a culture of shared responsibility for delivering across the complex application pipelines. These teams require visibility into collaboration and progress. For the initiatives to succeed, the key is to share the results of the effort with the company as a whole, as the projects progress. After all, there are few better ways inspire the teams than with evidence that their efforts are delivering key results.

T.J. Randall, Vice President of Customer Success, XebiaLabs

5. Self-service deployment will gain steam in 2019, as deployment automation becomes a standard practice across enterprises, and as organizations come to realize that security and compliance can be built into their delivery process.

T.J. Randall, Vice President of Customer Success, XebiaLabs

6. With greater investments being made in DevOps, management will demand more evidence of ROI. Teams will need to build their ability to measure DevOps (DevOps Intelligence) based on a combination of global measurements (not just a single team or individual) and outcomes (delivery of software with speed and stability).

Vincent Lussenburg, Director of DevOps Strategy, XebiaLabs

7. The call for security to “shift left” will become better understood and more effective in practice. In 2018, “shift left” was often misused as a way to shift blame for insecure software to developers. In 2019, DevSecOps will become just another natural aspect of DevOps, where security is built into the process at every phase and is everyone's responsibility.

Vincent Lussenburg, Director of DevOps Strategy, XebiaLabs

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