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7 Ways to Build a Mobile Application Management Strategy

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By any measure, mobile is skyrocketing. There are more than six billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, according to the International Telecommunications Union. Meanwhile, mobile devices are becoming so powerful that it’s effectively like having a computer in your hand. As a growing number of employees follow the “bring your own device” (BYOD) to work trend, enterprise decision makers are recognizing the need to formulate effective strategies for managing and protecting mobile devices. We share seven reasons for crafting and sustaining a mobile application management strategy:

1. Balancing users’ needs with enterprise requirements. Employees are with their mobile devices 24/7. This provides both opportunities and challenges for companies to equip employees with mobile apps to help them do their jobs more productively while recognizing the need to manage mobile devices and protect enterprise and customer data that’s being shared with staffers.

2. The consumerization of mobility in business. The consumerization of IT requires IT leaders to not only meet the needs of external customers and internal employees but to do so in such a way that content is both secure and trackable.

3. Aligning mobile with enterprise architecture. A pressing issue for many IT leaders is determining which mobile devices to allow employees to bring into work and how this can be meshed with the organization’s IT architecture and standards that are supported. While there needs to be some flexibility around the types of mobile devices that employees can bring to the workplace, resource constraints prevent the IT organization from supporting all types of mobile devices and operating systems.

4. Security is vital. Regulatory compliance, coupled with the need to protect customer and enterprise data, is one of the primary justifications for developing and maintaining an enterprise-wide mobile management strategy. This ensures that core business and customer data doesn’t get exposed to security risks. across all of the device types that are supported, including iOS, Android and Blackberry. As part of these efforts, companies also need to enact and enforce policies for lost or stolen devices, including enabling IT to wipe a missing device to remove corporate and personal data.

5. Establish and communicate clear use policies. As growing legions of employees bring their own mobile devices into the workplace, it’s important for companies to set clear and enforceable policies around the use of mobile devices and mobile apps for legal and privacy protection.

6. Helping workers become more productive. According to a study by the Enterprise Mobility Exchange Network, nearly 40% of respondents say that improving workforce productivity is a driving force behind adopting enterprise mobility solutions. More and more workers are using enterprise mobility apps for their own roles and to collaborate more effectively with colleagues. That’s why it’s critical for IT administrators to keep track of the applications being used by employees in order to schedule upgrades and monitor security effectively and ultimately drive the adoption of apps.

7. Aligning usage with resources. As companies roll out enterprise mobile apps and IT supports these apps as well as their employees’ mobile devices, IT and business leaders need to ensure that devices and apps are being used to justify the resources dedicated to creating and supporting them.

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