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Last Updated Mar 13, 2019 — DevOps Expert

All Roads Lead to DevOps: Gene Kim on the Path to Success


The road to fast, reliable software delivery is paved a little differently for every organization. Different teams in different industries working in different environments have different needs. And they all set out to overhaul their software delivery processes for different reasons. While one organization might be turning to cloud and container technologies to address the flexibility needs of their teams, another might be looking to ratchet up security and compliance in a way that doesn't impact delivery speed.

While every journey has unique a starting point, all organizations are hoping to arrive at their version of a digital utopia. And the common convergence for all transformation roads on that journey is DevOps. On March 19th, industry luminary and award-winning author Gene Kim will join XebiaLabs Vice President of Customer Success, T.j. Randall, to discuss the various paths to success on the DevOps journey, so teams can reach fast and reliable delivery of quality software without getting lost on the way. Want to hear more? Register for the webinar to learn:
  • Why things like cloud, container, security, compliance, and ITSM are driving DevOps implementations.
  • Why the success of these initiatives relies on DevOps practices.
  • How different teams––development, platforms, project management, information security––approach DevOps.
  • How to start small while preparing for a scalable DevOps transformation.

Gene Kim

Thought leader, author, and multiple award-winning CEO, Gene Kim is a visionary in the DevOps world. His illustrious career includes thirteen years as the founder and CTO of the security automation vendor Tripwire. He has studied high performing technology organizations since 1999, was named in the 2007 ComputerWorld “40 Innovative IT People Under the Age of 40” list, and, since 2014, has hosted the popular DevOps Enterprise Summit.

T.j. Randall

T.j. Randall is the street-smart DevOps technologist and business-minded VP behind XebiaLabs’ Customer Success team. T.j. combines hands-on engineering experience with a passion for studying the intersections of business and technology. At XebiaLabs, he routinely partners with global enterprises to implement successful DevOps strategies. T.j. has also helped scores of IT professionals develop practical, cost-effective DevOps models that win support from executive management and colleagues across their organizations.REGISTER NOW––ALL ROADS LEAD TO DEVOPS

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