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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Nov 26, 2018 — DevOps Expert

AWS Service Catalog and XebiaLabs: Curated Cloud Resources Integrated into the DevOps Pipeline


After years of pilots and initiatives to test the waters, enterprises have experienced first-hand the benefits of hosting applications in the cloud:

  • Unlimited scalability
  • Managed resources
  • Pay-as-you-go without capital investment
  • And so many more

And now they want more, more, more! Companies across the globe are building initiatives to move their application loads to the cloud on a grand scale.

But the companies who have the most to gain are often also the ones with the most to lose. The largest enterprises with the most intensive loads are the ones for whom failure is not an option and for whom compliance is a sacred commandment. The question at the forefront of these companies’ initiatives is very simple: how do we move to the cloud at scale, while staying compliant and avoiding security vulnerabilities?

The Answer, Part 1: AWS Service Catalog

On a recent webinar Jay Yeras, Partner Solutions Architect, DevOps, at AWS, explained how the AWS Service Catalog allows enterprises to centrally manage commonly deployed AWS services and provisioned software products. It helps organizations achieve consistent governance and compliance requirements while enabling users to quickly deploy the approved AWS services they need. It’s a streamlined gateway to AWS services that allows users to directly launch any AWS resources. Talk about an IT Manager’s dream! The AWS Service Catalog plays the role of the proxy in launching services on AWS, so IT can allow developers across their organizations to launch AWS services without giving them direct access to that service. IT can create standardized infrastructure deployments and carefully control access to these services using centrally-managed permissions. AWS Service Catalog enforces corporate policies and governance controls for access, sharing, reuse, and control.
IT creates a repeatable, on-demand process for their development teams to launch services on AWS on demand, without sacrificing control.

The Answer, Part 2: DevOps Pipeline Integration and Built-in Compliance with XebiaLabs 

XebiaLabs has long been a market leader for release orchestration and deployment automation. Our new integration with AWS Service Catalog now makes moving apps to the cloud easier than ever for enterprise teams – it provides them with access to approved and curated cloud resources with unmatched simplicity, speed, and control. It seamlessly connects AWS services to the rest of the enterprise DevOps pipeline and allows for a structured software release process that includes governance, compliance, and security requirements. The combination was designed to allow DevOps and cloud teams to create centrally managed DevOps pipelines along with portfolios of approved AWS services in the AWS Service Catalog.

To Infinity and Beyond: Accelerating Application Migration to the Cloud

Check out this white paper to learn how to address common enterprise cloud challenges with a DevOps-focused framework that’s designed for the unique needs of cloud-based and hybrid applications.
“The combination of AWS Service Catalog and the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform provides a highly scalable and structured path to moving enterprise applications to AWS,” said Clive D’Souza, Global Head of AWS Service Catalog BD, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “It was designed to allow companies to offer self-service deployments to their development teams, while supporting compliance, security, and governance requirements across the DevOps pipeline. Teams can now easily access AWS services as an integrated part of their enterprise DevOps processes, and CIOs can rest easy knowing software applications are being built securely and with control, while taking advantage of the flexibility and velocity of the cloud.” XebiaLabs and the AWS Service Catalog together provide the guard rails that IT teams need to enable safe self service cloud deployments for everyone in their organizations.Learn more about XebiaLabs helps enterprises succeed with AWS:

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