Check out the great new views provided by’s latest AI-Powered DevOps Platform: Banff Release! is excited to announce our latest AI-Powered DevOps Platform: Banff Release! This new version features expanded intelligence, automation, and collaboration that enables public sector and enterprise organizations to derive maximum value from software development and delivery quickly and efficiently.  

For this release, we focused on three key areas: 

  1. Keeping software investments aligned to business objectives with collaboration and intelligence. 
  2. Managing overall costs by leveraging existing assets and software delivery practices. 
  3. Creating a data-driven release strategy with long and short-term forecasting, armed with real time historical data and AI-driven predictive insights. 

Designed to further help companies accelerate digital transformation, our latest release offers new functionalities, intelligence and integrations across our Agility, Application Security, Continuous Testing, Release, and Deploy solutions. 



  • Further Integrations for a Lowered Cost of Ownership: Extended Agility Sync capabilities now support new or enhanced 3rd party integrations found in our integrations marketplace. Our out-of-the-box Agility Sync migration now includes team-level agile tools like Jira and Rally® that shortens the time to value for customers. 
  • Whiteboard-Based Collaboration: Unlock the power of whiteboard-based collaboration with Hoylu’s visual and iterative approach for better Agile planning and execution. Distributed teams have new ways to collaborate and further understand risk and dependencies by combining whiteboarding techniques with scaled Agile practices. 
  • UX Enhancements: New, persona-based enhancements include better visibility into portfolio items and sprint planning panel updates that provide more holistic views for ease of use and data accessibility improvements. 


Application Security 

  • Reduce Attack Surface: Organizations can secure a wider range of applications, including mobile, web, and desktop apps made for more OS versions. App Security still protects apps made for iOS version 10 and was the first to protect apps made for version iOS 16.  All told, we continue to provide security for apps built with more operating systems, compilers, development platforms, and languages than our competitors do. 
  • Detect More Versions of GameGuardian, iGameGod, and Magisk: Frustrate more attacks with the ability to detect the widest range of attack tools such as Magisk, Zygist, GameGuardian, and iGameGod. Additionally, our enhanced obfuscation capabilities provide better and deeper obfuscations that make it harder for threat actors to find data in code, thus preventing cheating and other app attacks. 
  • Faster Reporting to Better Monitor Attacks: New innovation allows for faster reporting on larger datasets. Customers can now create and process queries more efficiently and handle datasets of up to 20B events in App Aware, allowing teams to pinpoint more threats and react to them in real time. 
  • Key and Data Protection: Our White-Box Cryptography protects keys stored in the apps our customers create and, more importantly, protects communications between those applications and back-end servers.  With the Banff release we are happy to report that our FIPS 140-3 certification is officially ‘under test’. 


Continuous Testing 

  • Test Editor Recorder: New enhancements to the Recorder for Test Editor product enable non-experts to easily record software experiences and generate tests. Empower non-coding team members by eliminating the need to manually create and add individual steps in the Test Editor, resulting in improved collaboration among automation testers and business leaders while helping to alleviate the burden of the global shortage of QA professionals. 
  • Android Inspector: Improve your UX with more accessible app experiences. Identify onscreen elements in Android applications and get information about different accessibility properties such as visual filters and voiceover, with the same level of accessibility monitoring for Androidas we have already been offering for iOS. 
  • Lens Enhancement: Comprised of different customizable analytic dashboards, the Test Lens addresses several key challenges such as increasing visibility into test execution, identifying areas where testing must improve, and uncovering which teams are struggling with quality issues. 
  • Integration with Playwright: This integration enables reliable and holistic end-to-end testing for modern web apps and allows users to execute all their tests for mobile and web in the Continuous Testing (CT) cloud while having all reports in a single location. 
  • Selenium 4 Support: Our Selenium Agent has been updated for Selenium 4 to integrate CT with new Selenium functionalities, resulting in increased test coverage with Chrome Debugging Protocol and enhanced object identification methods with relative locators. 


Release and Deploy 

  • New Release Train Controls in the Delivery Process: With the ability to manage release trains using delivery patterns, teams can create granular task assignments to improve task hand-offs and limit the visibility of tasks among team members for increased security. 
  • Integrations with Argo Rollouts: Manage deployment strategies via Kubernetes by utilizing Argo Rollouts to test and evaluate the application in pre-production before full deployment. When integrated with Release and Deploy, Argo Rollouts helps you to ensure business compliance and increase user experience by minimizing the risk of application failure in production. 
  • Real Time Application Deployment Status from Different Sources: With real-time visualization of the application deployment status of multiple distributed systems, teams can prevent application deployment failure before it happens. With this capability you can identify any issues upfront and automate actions depending on the respective status. 
  • Release Lens Deployment Dashboard: This new dashboard expands visibility into the entire release pipeline, helping to identify bottlenecks and areas in need of improvement. Cross-functional teams can now close the loop between application development and deployment, and product managers can better prioritize future releases. 
  • Podman Integration: New capabilities enable you to integrate Podman into our Deploy product, further simplifying your deployment process. Spin-up applications on Podman, configure Podman specs directly from Deploy, and orchestrate and automate releases using multiple technologies. 


Customer Community Platform 

With the Banff Platform Release, we are thrilled to also announce the launch of our brand-new Community. Community provides additional support users and their teams need to get more value out of products and processes. This new Community, designed for social, peer-to-peer engagement, will make it easy for customers to find answers, share product wisdom, and get inspiration from other members of the community.   

Stay connected 

With Banff, customers have improved intelligence capabilities across all products and as well as new capabilities to improve the efficiency of how teams scale delivery of software across complex, heterogenous environments. These enhanced capabilities, along with additional collaboration techniques, are designed to help teams better align the work they execute on a daily basis to their overall business strategy.  

The path to achieving digital transformation may not always be straightforward, but with the Banff release, every organization will have a clear view in no time.  

To learn more all about the Banff Release’s newest features and offerings, check out our product broadcast videos:  

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