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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Apr 11, 2013 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

BED Time Stories – Sharing Gerrit, Jenkins and Eclipse Knowledge

Enterprise Agile Planning

We had a really great time on BED – Berlin Expert Days last Thursday and Friday. The conference was very well attended – we heard about 700 participants – and the talks gave invaluable insights into what’s hot in Java, DevOps, NoSQL and everything related to it. Among many other things we learnt how SoundCloud scales (technically as well as organizationally, Ruby has already crossed its peak as new stuff is written in Scala), why Adam Bien typically removes 60 percent of production code on his gigs and how ImmobilienScout24 managed to establish a DevOps culture by encouraging every single individual to change the organization from the bottom guerilla style. We will definitely apply the best practices we heard about in our own organization (we like to get my hands dirty with Vagrant next).

We contributed two talks to BED as well, one on how to make Code Review enjoyable again by Marrying Gerrit with Jenkins and one on how you can save multiple hours a week by using your Eclipse IDE efficiently. Both talks were very well attended and we got some interesting questions and great feedback.

The question most often asked was where one could get our slides so here is the answer:

Slides for Git/Gerrit/Jenkins talk

Slides for Eclipse Productivity talk

As our Git/Gerrit/Jenkins talk included a live demo which is not part of the slides, we also encourage you to watch this recorded webinar in case you like to see how you never have to look at code reviews again before Jenkins has already guaranteed a certain minimum quality (compiles, test run through, coding styles met, IP not violated, etc). Furthermore, we have written a separate blog post on how to configure the Gerrit Trigger plugin in the past.

Another question that came up was where we got our industry statistics on the popularity of code review practices, defect removal efficiency and costs of code review compared to other methods like pure Scrum, desk checks and static analysis. The answer is in our slides but for those of you who like to know immediately, check out this review for the great book we quoted for those numbers.

Last but not least, we would like to thank CollabNet Marketing for having sponsored BED, we can tell that our prizes for the raffle were definitely appreciated by the lucky winners.

Looking forward to BED 2014 now.

Dharmesh, Dariusz and Johannes

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