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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Aug 10, 2017 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

CollabNet and VersionOne: The Significance of DevOps for the Enterprise

Enterprise Agile Planning

By now you’ve heard about the CollabNet and VersionOne merger. The new CollabNet is set to offer complete Enterprise Agile, ALM Collaboration, Version Control and DevOps solutions that expedite the speed and improve the quality of application development and delivery efforts for organizations across all sectors.

In fact, the well-known industry expert, Diego Lo Giudice Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester, had this to write about the benefits Agile and DevOps can offer, “In the past, faster delivery meant lower quality and higher risk. Leading organizations have shown that applying Agile and DevOps practices enable faster delivery, higher quality, and lower risk.”

I’m taking this opportunity to expand on what he wrote because this industry merger underscores everything I’ve been sharing for some time. You’ve heard me speak about the evolution of DevOps and how lean value streams are leveraged to measure & optimize DevOps performance to accelerate software delivery. I even authored an article for Better Software Magazine on why 2017 is a pivotal year for DevOps. Here’s snippet from that article…

“The quality and functionality of a company’s software affects everything from competitive differentiation to customer support and, ultimately, employee satisfaction…” Read the article, download the pdf 

I discussed why DevOps is becoming more important to the enterprise. A big reason is that it can bring development closer to the heart of the business. That happens best when DevOps tools deliver continuous feedback from user experience, operational data, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and alerting from monitoring your value streams and toolchains. This is one innovation we delivered in CollabNet DevOps Lifecycle Manager – I’ve covered that extensively as well.

And now this merger is a major demonstration of how our industry is evolving further to serve the end-to-end software development solutions needs of customers, and more importantly to align software development to the business. That is the significance and the promise that DevOps holds for the enterprise – and this merger supports that vision of DevOps.

Read the Merger FAQ

DevOps for the Enterprise

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