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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

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CollabNet @ Gerrit User Summit 2017

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Gerrit User Summit 2017 - London
This is a short summary about Gerrit User Summit 2017, which took place on 2nd and 3rd of October in London, UK.

The event

Gerrit User Summit is the event to be at for every Gerrit user. It provides a unique opportunity to meet other members of the community: users, developers and administrators. Hence, it allows to share the knowledge and expertise regarding Gerrit Code Review system.

This was the first time when Gerrit User Summit took place in Europe. For the previous three, the location was Google HQ in Mountain View, California. Taking this into account, it was a huge success. There were over 60 participants from 14 different countries. It clearly shows that Gerrit is gaining popularity everywhere.

This was also the first time when CollabNet was sponsoring this event. Here is our booth presented by Miikka Andersson. Miikka is a product manager of our TeamForge SCM product.

CollabNet Booth

There was a live demo of TeamForge SCM available on a big TV screen. One could have a unique opportunity to talk to Miikka about TeamForge SCM future and features. It was also possible to just grab a CollabNet T-shirt and/or some other giveaways.

The talks

But back to the User Summit. This year there were 16 presentations on various Gerrit-related topics. Full schedule is available here. It includes three talks from CollabNet.

David Pursehouse, in his talk What’s new in Gerrit 2.14.x has provided an overview of the new features included in the latest official release. He has covered quite a few topics: Assignable and Deletable Changes, Improved Review Suggestions, new Email Templates & Inbound Emails, Tagged Comments, Polymer UI and Merge List. Plus two plugins: Git LFS (Large File Storage) and HA (High Availability).

Jacek Centkowski, in his talk Beyond Gerrit has describe how multiple tools can be unified under a single TeamForge and/or DLM umbrella and what are the immediate benefits of it. He was talking about various aspects of operational excellence from Gerrit perspective: software configuration management, assuring quality at the source and software process improvements.

In the third talk, Gerrit with Enterprise Grade I have presented the features of Gerrit Integration with TeamForge. This was a follow up on various talks from previous Gerrit User Summits. There, in years 2014 to 2016, some features of our integration like RBAC, History Protection, Git Style Notifications, Quality Gates, Code Browser and Pull Request have already been presented. This time we walked through all the features, including Replication and Associations on Commit.

The hackathon

It is also worth noting that the Gerrit User Summit was preceded by two days hackathon (30th and 1st October). Those two days of intensive hacking on Gerrit Code Review were, as usual, great opportunity to talk about future directions of Gerrit and about the new features the participants are working on.

Gerrit Hackathon London 2017

Overall, both Gerrit User Summit and the Hackathon were great events. They gave unique opportunity to shape the future of Gerrit. Also, allowed to better align with the community in effort of introducing new enterprise features, such as Git LFS or High Availability.

What’s your thoughts on Gerrit User Summit? Your feedback is welcome.

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