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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

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Developing Custom VersionOne Apps 101 Series Guide

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In the introduction to this series we talked about why we're doing this series: to collaborate better with you, our users, and to help you experience Enjoyment, Understanding, and Achievement with our APIs and platform. As such, this series is highly experimental, and nothing about the approach herein is "set in stone". It comes out of some recent work we've done to enable a few customers to use JSON more easily. It's a progressive series, comprised of how to articles and a few asides that delve into the fundamental architecture of the web, HTTP, REST, and the more recent Linked Data project. In addition to the technologies and techniques mentioned in the introduction, you'll also learn about the motivations of key people who built and pioneered the web's evolution, like Tim Berners/Lee, Roy Fielding, and Brendan Eich. I hope you enjoy it, and please share any feedback for improving the series as you read. / Josh Gough

Series Articles

The series is broken into sections. The comments below indicate the theme for each and the experience levels that apply to them to help you decide where to start.

Section 1: Introduction

Experience Levels: All levels

Read these first, regardless of your web development experience level to get a good background and see a sample app.

Section 2: Web and HTTP Fundamentals: Simple Ideas for Linking the Whole, Wide World

Experience Levels: Beginner to Novice

If you don't yet have experience using HTML and JavaScript, but you'd like to complete this series either to learn more about programming against the VersionOne API, start with these articles which explain the basics of why the web exists, and how it is powered by the Hypertext Transfer Protocol standard (HTTP):

Section 3: Understand REST APIs and How To Consume the VersionOne REST Data API with jQuery.ajax

Experience Levels: Novice to Intermediate

If you have some experience making web pages with HTML and JavaScript, but are new to the concept of using Application Programming Interfaces  (APIs), or are new to Representation State Transfer (REST) and REST/based APIs, then you can probably start here:

Section 4: Build a Story Editor with JSFiddle, HTML, jQuery, JSON, Backbone.js, and Backbone Forms for Extra Magic

Experience Level: Intermediate

If you're an experienced web developer already comfortable with jQuery or other JavaScript libraries, you can jump in here:

Section 5: Use VersionOne Metadata to Dynamically Build the Story Editor, Plus Some Caffeine!

Experience Levels: Intermediate to Advanced

Have you already pre/ordered jQuery creator John Resig's book Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja? Then, please open a new tab and head for VersionOne Careers! Seriously, you might want to jump into the last couple of articles to see how to use all three VersionOne REST APIs: Data, Meta, and Localization. You'll see how to inherit and override parts of Backbone.Model and Backbone.sync to consume the VersionOne API, and will use some other handy functions of Underscore.js in these articles:Note: Do you find this still too basic? Are you already criticizing my example choice of Backbone.js? Good. Then, maybe you can help our community refactor either the MetaMorformizr App or the original VersionOne Feature Requestor Sample Custom App to be something you would feel proud of saying you helped build for the open source community. We'd love the help.

Additional Resources

For more web background, as well as a look into more modern features of HTML 5, try these resources:For more REST, and more properly Hypermedia, API information, try these:Finally, if you are intrigued by the increasingly popular "real/time web", you should check out the following very cool and exciting libraries. Note, however, these are all still in the early stages of development, relatively speaking, and it's still an open question as to the best way to use these technologies in conjunction with REST. What do you think?All of these are based on the concept of publish/subscribe messaging from the web server to the client/browser. Here they are:

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