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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Mar 01, 2017 — DevOps Expert

DevOps at Rabobank


The world's largest banks are turning to software to fuel innovation and drive competitive advantage. Companies today need the ability to continuously launch new software and analyze customer value as they transform their IT organizations. With millions of transactions every day, large financial institutions like Rabobank need to scale their release processes and increase their visibility without having to stress about compliance and security.

[caption id="attachment_14693" align="alignnone" width="300"] Rabobank DevOps[/caption] As one of the top 30 financial institutions in the world, Rabobank was unable to sustain an environment where deployments were manually intensive and 20% of their deployments either failed or were delayed. The IT department needed an infrastructure that greatly reduced the time to market of product innovations and improvements. In a recent presentation at the DevOps Leadership Summit, Sander Ettema, Head of Development Automation at Rabobank, gave a presentation: Out of Control at Rabobank: Moving from Traditional IT Infrastructure Services Towards a DevOps-empowering PlatformIn which he describes the massive changes facing the financial industry today and how DevOps is at the forefront of the IT transformation inside Rabobank. Also listen below as Sander speaks on Rabobank's DevOps transformation from releasing applications twice a year to once a day. Rabobank adopted XL Deploy as their solution to stabilizing their IT infrastructure and reducing the risk of downtime caused by deployments going wrong. The implementation has allowed Rabobank to focus on quality by automating the process needed to develop, test and accept software. It reduced the time needed for software deployments from days to hours. XebiaLabs model-based agentless DevOps Platform enabled Rabobank's IT department to continuously delivery applications at scale, changing the way they add value to the customer. “XL Deploy has also enabled us to reduce the cost of developing software, and to improve DevOps coordination,” said Ettema. “Developers can now spend most of their time on modeling and improving code and do not have to waste time on documentation and deployment troubleshooting. In addition, XL Deploy has enabled us to eliminate all the glitches and misunderstandings that were endemic to the manual processes.” You can read the entire case study and learn how Rabobank:
  • Implemented Continuous Delivery at scale
  • Reduced time spent carrying out software deployment by 60%
  • Accelerated time-to-market from weeks to hours
  • Eliminated 99% of errors in the application release process.
  Read the Full Case Study, and continue learning about DevOps and Continuous Delivery with XebiaLabs.  

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