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Last Updated Jul 05, 2018 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2018 Recap and Highlights

Enterprise Agile Planning

Another amazing installment of DevOps Enterprise Summit London (DOES18) is in the books! As a proud sponsor of the event for the past three years, we feel confident in saying that this was the best year yet. It was our first time at DOES London as a combined company – CollabNet VersionOne – and we were excited to announce our newest solution, CollabNet Enterprise Value Stream Management (EVSM). CollabNet EVSM combines our Agile, Enterprise Version Control and DevOps Continuous Delivery platforms to help visualize, measure and optimize delivery pipelines and value streams across the entire application lifecycle, giving customers the ability to make their Agile-plus-DevOps environments into realized digital business drivers. We could not have thought of a better venue to announce CollabNet EVSM and were very pleased with the activity and interest we saw at our booth.

Of course, this is not to overshadow the incredible programming put on by Gene Kim and IT Revolution. Almost 1,000 attendees, including ourselves, enjoyed listening to dozens of speakers representing global companies like Disney, Barclays, Adidas, Capital One, Verizon and others, share their DevOps and digital transformation journeys. We certainly learned a lot and were excited to hear several stories about value stream management and business-centric talks that aligned with our own vision. There were a few themes and sessions that stuck with us and we wanted to share those highlights with you:

  • The Intersection of Business and Technology: It’s no secret that every business is becoming a technology business. From banks to government to retail it’s important that every company have a digital presence, as consumers become more reliant on accessing what they need on a website, app or other digital platform. Plus, with consumers becoming increasingly demanding and the landscape becoming more competitive, being able to deliver quality at speed is mission critical. For many years, tech teams within organizations functioned as a silo from business teams. This created bottlenecks, general misunderstandings to outright disasters, and ultimately poor customer experiences that affected the bottom line. Organizations are finally realizing that technology and business teams need to come together to work toward a common goal and have a mutual understanding to encourage a blameless culture. These themes were especially apparent in talks like this one from Aimee Bechtle and John Schmidt from Capital One. Bechtle, senior manager, next generation infrastructure business strategy, and Schmidt, software product innovator, shared how they created cross-disciplinary teams by starting a DevOps dojo. The Nike talk, from Randy Lyons, senior director of Nike digital, and Michele Power, CFO of Nike Direct EMEA, emphasized the importance of business leaders understanding technology, and technology leaders understanding business. We could not agree more that having business and technology leaders sit at the same table is a critical step in realizing digital transformation.
  • Don’t Leave Out Ops: A phrase we often heard at the conference was “The DevOps equation has been favorable to the Dev side.” Well, not anymore! Damon Edwards, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at RunDeck, gave an insightful and engaging talk on how developers have frankly had it easy in this whole DevOps movement. He walked through a ticketing system that many in the audience were all too unfortunately familiar with, ending with the conclusion that the adoption of Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery methods has by and large left operations out of the picture, leading to failing transformations. Other sessions like this one from Cornelia Davis, senior director of technology at Pivotal, also talked about ways to revolutionize and engage the operations side of the DevOps journey. While Davis, Edwards and others brought to light the current state of operations, it’s clear that much more needs to be done to bring operations into the transformation fold. Hopefully as we head to DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas later this year, and the London event in 2019, we will begin to see some success stories of bringing ops into the mix.

There was so much more that was shared and learned over the course of two days, but the themes of integrating business and technology, and next-gen operations stuck with us the most. If you attended, or watched the live stream, we’d love to hear what your favorite talks or themes were! Comment below to leave your thoughts.

If you want more DevOps in your life, be sure to join us at DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas October 22-24, 2018 at The Cosmopolitan. Early Bird tickets are still available until July 16 – register now.

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