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Australia and New Zealand are showing great growth in digital transformation see how and ServiceRocket are working together to help. 

Value Stream Management

As technology leaders continue to assess the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it remains clear that digital transformation has accelerated globally since the beginning of the crisis in 2020. Looking ahead to post-2021 and beyond, as a global remote workforce will undeniably be in place permanently, digital acceleration will remain a priority throughout many regions and industries. 

In Australia and New Zealand, digital transformation is expected to shape technology trends over the next decade. Industry leaders have reported an increase in digital acceleration that spans a variety of industries. Meanwhile, officials in New Zealand have identified digital transformation and cybersecurity as key initiatives to drive growth in the tech sector. 

Pandemic Accelerates Digital Transformation by Years in ANZ 

As reported in other markets, including North America and Europe, organizations in Australia and NZ saw digital plans accelerate by 2-3 years in some cases during 2020. Statista’s global impact survey of COVID and digital transformation reveals that 76% of Australian enterprise decision-makers say the pandemic sped up digital transformation “a great deal” during 2020.

Meanwhile, a recent Gartner CIO survey showed that 54% of Australia-New Zealand (ANZ) organizations increased their investment in digital transformation during 2020 and 2/3 of technology leaders expect this trend to continue. Gartner’s report noted, “The digital maturity of organizations in ANZ continues to rise. The percentage of CIOs who report being at the ‘scaling’ and ‘harvesting value’ phases of digital transformation now sits at 47%, a few points higher than last year (43%) and close to the global average (48%).”

Digital Acceleration Focused on CX/UX, New Capabilities 

The permanent shift to even a partially remote workforce is a key factor behind the continued efforts to boost digital transformation in ANZ organizations. The move to remote work amplified demand for customer-facing digital solutions. Across a number of industries, demand for digital solutions skyrocketed during the pandemic and shows no sign of slowing down. 

Organizations are recognizing the need to move to digital solutions to stay competitive. Digital transformation efforts are focusing on specific solutions including UX/UI, Customer Experience, new digital products, capabilities, and platforms, including cloud applications. 

Some sectors are farther along in their digital capabilities, while observers say that certain industries are showing a greater need for growth and acceleration. For example, research shows that the ANZ construction sector needs to implement more digital tools and solutions, particularly in areas such as data security and risk management. Meanwhile, cybersecurity solutions are a key focus across many sectors and industries. and ServiceRocket Partnership to Augment DX Efforts 

ServiceRocket and are now partnering to deliver digital transformation strategies at the enterprise level for organizations in ANZ. They’re committed to helping their customers realize the full value of their digital transformation initiatives.  

ServiceRocket will support and provide implementation services for’s Value Stream Management Platform, a leader in enterprise-level DX. This partnership will enable organizations to get more predictable results from their digital transformation efforts, projects, processes. 

“A value stream management (VSM) platform can keep product teams focused on improving their products in a way that will move the needle on the most important value-indicating KPIs,” notes. 

To learn more about how ServiceRocket and are partnering to implement digital transformation strategies for ANZ enterprises, visit for the latest news and information. 

About the Value Stream Management Platform

The intelligent Value Stream Management Platform aligns agile planning, software delivery and application security, delivering a quality customer experience that grows revenue. Expanded flexibility provides greater deployment options and insights throughout the value chain.

About is an industry-leading technology company dedicated to helping Global 5000 enterprises achieve digital transformation goals. Using value stream management as its cornerstone, combines innovative technologies in agile planning, application protection, software testing, and delivery, and artificial intelligence into a unified Value Stream Platform. makes it possible to connect software development and delivery efforts to strategic business outcomes and create secure digital experiences customers trust.

About ServiceRocket

Using a ”whole product” approach to ecosystem development and tech-enabled services delivery, ServiceRocket empowers companies to build unstoppable businesses.

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