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Enterprise Agile Planning

Flagship Agility solutions can effectively scale agile development in government agencies. enables Government and commercial organizations to scale agile practices beyond individual teams and across agencies and provide visibility across the organization. This process is essential for any agency looking to scale their Agile efforts successfully and efficiently beyond individual teams, providing true visibility across the organization., creator of the AI-Powered DevOps platform, announced Government Cloud achieved FedRAMP Authorized status. With this FedRAMP Moderate authorization of Government Cloud, Federal agencies now have access to Agility to support their enterprise agile planning efforts. We are excited about what this means for our thousands of public sector and federal system integrators who are leveraging the industry leading capabilities of Agility.

As government agencies undergo digital transformation efforts, has provided agencies the ability to connect agile projects with other initiatives, such as DevOps. This end-to-end view offers government agencies critical context as these organizations look to deploy applications across a variety of environments.

With the Enterprise Agility Planning solution, agencies can meet their goals with an enterprise agile solution that is authorized by and meets the rigorous standards of FedRAMP. This solution enables your organization to:

  • Scale agile practices securely to improve visibility and collaboration across the organization
  • Use AI-powered insights and predictive analytics to improve processes and reduce risk
  • Gain unrivaled support for scalable agile frameworks, such as SAFe®, Scrum of Scrums, Spotify method, and more
  • Implement, scale, and measure the technical outputs and business outcomes associated with agile initiatives
  • Connect industry-leading Agile and DevOps solutions for end-to-end software delivery from idea to production
  • Modernize legacy technologies, providing a path to move to containers and the cloud
  • Use hundreds of integrations to leverage investments in existing tools and technologies

What is FedRAMP?

FedRAMP is a government-wide program that promotes the adoption of secure cloud services across the federal government by providing a standardized approach to security and risk assessment for cloud technologies and federal agencies. Being FedRAMP-compliant means a cloud-computing system has established and documented a highly secure environment that has withstood comprehensive and rigorous review. FedRAMP authorized cloud service providers are listed on the FedRAMP Marketplace

Scaling agile is not the same thing as enterprise agile

Organizations around the globe practice team-level agile where a small, cross-functional team incrementally creates and delivers valuable, working software. Many of those organizations have scaled their agile capacity by creating additional cross-functional teams, but even then, you’ll typically find that agile values and practices are still confined to just part of the organization’s processes. While enterprise agile usually entails scaling agile, enterprise agile encompasses much more than scaling.

To support the missions of governmental organizations, the industry-leading Agility solution enables government agencies to scale their agile efforts effectively and efficiently beyond separate individual team-level initiatives to provide visibility and establish best practices across the organization. This capability is critical for any agency looking to gain a complete view of software development and delivery initiatives across the entire organization. Enterprise agile on the other hand, applies agile values and principles to all elements of the business to ensure continual alignment, collaboration, and synchronization.

Across every facet of the organization, an agile enterprise values:

  • Individuals and interactions
  • Working software
  • Responsiveness to change
  • Cross-team collaboration

Because it involves all aspects of the organization, and because digital transformations often involve complex “systems of systems,” enterprise agile transformations are rarely easy.

“Over past year, government agencies have grappled with how to enable remote work while achieving other critical initiatives including upgrading legacy technologies,” said Derek Holt, General Manager, “As part of the FedRAMP program, these agencies can now leverage Agility to scale their agile development efforts and enable greater efficiency across even the largest organizations.”

Large agencies, government organizations included, often must support an increasingly distributed workforce, and need systems that will scale and enable the organization to be efficient and effective, regardless of where people work. Beyond that, many large agencies still rely upon aging technologies and systems and need to be able to upgrade and modernize to continuous to meet the needs of the organization.

The difference

Beyond enterprise agile, the Platform connects the entire end-to-end software delivery process and provides the flexibility to deploy applications to any environment or technology, from on premises and mainframe to Kubernetes and the public cloud, meeting the needs of agencies today and beyond. has the experience and expertise helping the largest organizations in the world solve their digital transformation challenges. is committed to provide the U.S. Federal Government an enterprise agile solution that meets the stringent FedRAMP requirements. Through the entire Platform, provides the solutions needed to scale agile practices and implement end-to-end software delivery that supports existing technology investments while enabling migration to the cloud over time.

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