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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Sep 19, 2011 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

End of Summer Brings New Hires & Git Enterprise Backups

Enterprise Agile Planning

Git Enterprise Backups

You probably didn’t know… but Codesion supports Git— Yes, Git!

Git in Codesion is still in Beta… but that’s about to change very soon. We have a whole development team solely dedicated to bringing Git up to par with other Codesion offerings.

The first step towards achieving this goal was to bring the Enterprise Level Backups to the central Git…now you have it! If you are using Git in Codesion, your central Git repository will get backed-up many times throughout the day. To ensure security and enhance redundancy, this backup is placed in another data center miles away from the original repository (we use SAS70 data centers in Seattle, Dallas, and Washington DC).

The next steps for Git? We plan to have the following soon: (UPDATED 12/15/2011)

– SSH-key based authentication (DONE)

– External ticket integration (DONE)

– 99.9% SLA Guarantee (DONE)

– Post Commit Hooks (DONE)

– Commit Notifications (DONE)

(UPDATE: Enterprise Git in Codesion is now GA)

End of Summer Brings New Hires

Summer is officially over – not like SF got to taste it for very long, but with Codesion’s hiring boom, our new hires are consistently bringing in sunshine into our growing office.

This past August was like 1999 for us – we have hired a LOT of new folks including developers, sysadmins, marketing and sales dudes. You will certainly see new features coming your way as a result of this expansion.

Here is a pic of our latest lunch with the Codesion U.S. team. We also have folks in Australia, India, Bulgaria, and Dubai.

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