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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Aug 09, 2011 — DevOps Expert

Enterprise-class Excellence – Stay Tuned for Launch 3.5

We are excited to be launching a new version of XL Deploy, next week. As we prepare for the launching of a new set of product features, I want to stop and take a look back at the XL Deploy product, thus far, and look at why it is, already, the choice solution for Enterprise-class deployments. As we know, traditional deployment methods can be manual and cumbersome and they result in slower time to market for applications with less resource utilization. Time to Market for applications remains critical as businesses race to deliver applications to consumers and having a slow application release process is significantly affecting your businesses ability to stay competitive. XL Deploy transforms a traditional deployment process and offers one console for rapid delivery of applications to middleware and cloud environments and gives the IT org a deployment automation platform that injects speed, cost efficiency and scalability into the deployment process. XL Deploy’s true magic is an algorithm-based approach to deployment planning and its unique calculative ability defines an optimized deployment plan for each deployment, at the time of the deployment. This is true automation, in my mind. Not only does it eliminate the need for traditional scripting but it also enables on-demand calculations that guarantee fast and accurate deployments every time. This feature is particularly useful during deployment upgrades. Upgrades now can take a few minutes instead of the traditional 'headache' of starting at the deployment 'start line' when trying to accomplish a simple deployment upgrade. This algorithm-based approach to deployment automation is absolutely game changing and is putting speed controls in the hands of Enterprise release teams. In an online, on demand world where Speed to Market is King, this calculative approach will enable a business with a powerful catalyst for speed and accuracy and help put that business in a position of strength. XL Deploy, from the beginning, was built for complex Enterprise environments. Its premise, from day 1, was to offer one robust console for secure, scalable and self-service deployment management and optimized delivery of applications. Users simply login to the system and import files or do a ‘handshake’ with a build tool, map packages to an online environment and XL Deploy takes care of the rest. The platform has a cool plug and play approach to middleware and cloud integrations. So, not only can you leverage a speedy Best Practice for one critical deployment path but now release teams can essentially deliver applications to any major online environment (Tomcat, WebSphere, Weblogic, VMware, Cloudburst, JBoss, etc, etc,) via slick plug and play integrations. XL Deploy has built-in role-based security and optimized cross-platform reporting that makes it the #1 choice for the Enterprises. You may think our existing product has it all. :) But, Enterprise-class Excellence can always be fine tuned. Our next release has a few surprises in store for you. This next version is all that you should expect from a true Best Practice in Deployment Automation. So stay tuned for more about our 3.5 release and hear about Deployment comparison reporting, built in script usage and an even more flexible plug and play environment integration for maximum scale and future proof deployment strategies.

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