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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Mar 06, 2015 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

Feature Hat-trick: Three new Git features for TeamForge in a week

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The rule of three

The rule of three also seems to apply to new TeamForge Git features. Last week, I blogged about the top three Git features coming with the new TeamForge 8.0 release.  In the same post, I already announced that another three Git features will be released immediately after the launch, so let’s inspect how this hat-trick looks like.  

1. Assign an entire TeamForge Team to a Code Review with One click

TeamForge 8.0 introduced teams as a native concept. If you like to add all team members to a Gerrit change (Git Code Review) at once, you can just do so.

Add all members of a team to a review with one click


As shown in the picture above, you can now type the name of your team in the reviewer suggester box and all team members that have review permissions will be added to the change with one click. You will need TeamForge 8.0 to benefit from this feature.

2. Navigate back to your TeamForge project no matter where you are

If you rapidly switch between applications, it is easy to lose track. To make sure our users always find back to where they started their deep dive, we analyzed our current navigation flow between TeamForge’s workbench, Gerrit’s Code Review UI and GitWeb (our code browser). The picture below shows the result.

Navigation Flow between TeamForge work bench, Gerrit and GitWeb

We noticed that we missed one step so far. Until our latest release, you could not navigate back to TeamForge’s workbench if Gerrit’s Review UI was launched in full screen mode. Our latest release adds a TeamForge menu item into Gerrit’s menu bar. From there, you can always navigate back to the corresponding TeamForge project. This feature will work with TeamForge 7.1, 7.2 and 8.0.

3. Share links to Source Code with your colleagues

One of TeamForge’s greatest strength is its support for multiple version control systems under one common roof. No matter whether you are using Git, Subversion, CVS or all three of them, you can use the same roles and permissions, the same source code search technology and the same lifecycle association features.

If developers using CVS or Subversion want to discuss the source code of a particular commit, they can just copy the link from their code browser and paste it to their colleagues. For our Git integration, this worked too, but the other developer had to be already logged into Gerrit. To achieve feature parity, we now implemented the same behavior for Git as well. If you click on a link pointing to the source code browser (GitWeb) and you are not logged into Gerrit yet, we will automatically redirect you to the TeamForge login screen that in turn will navigate you to the source code in question.


While this feature will work out of the box for TeamForge 7.1 and TeamForge 8.0, you will need to apply a hot fix for TeamForge 7.2. In this case, please ask your support contact for further details.

How can I upgrade?

Our hat-trick has been implemented as part of TeamForge Git Integration version 8.3.1. This version is available from today in our yum repositories and on SFDL. Upgrade and install instructions can be found as always on HCN.

Free Git Webinars!

We are also holding a series of educational webinars on 3/18, so you can also learn more about Enterprise Git Features in TeamForge by attending one of them in your time zone.

Git Webinar 3/18 Registration Pages:

Australia: Register

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See you at the webinar!

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