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Last Updated Feb 20, 2014 — App Management expert

Getting Value Out of Enterprise Mobility

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In the enterprise mobility space, change is constant and there are a lot of things that are difficult for executives to understand. IT and industry executives freely use acronyms such as; MDM, MAM, Knox/SAFE, SDKs, and APIs. But at the end of the day, what does this mean to the business leaders who are striving to derive value out of mobility investments? In order to drive value from enterprise mobility, companies need to have the right building blocks in place. They need a solid infrastructure to support, protect, and distribute mobile applications that are used by employees. Essentially, infrastructure represents a cost to the enterprise, but when that infrastructure is reliable and enables employees to access the tools and information that allow them to do their jobs more effectively, this can have a transformative effect on your business.

The reason that enterprise mobility is transformative is that it allows employees and companies to become more productive and conduct business from anywhere, anytime. Enterprise services such as application back-ends, business services, vertical solutions, and collaboration can become completely transformed by having a mobile workforce. The capabilities that are incorporated into a mobile device – things such as connectivity, collaboration, the ability to take pictures and share images – all these things can ultimately deliver benefit to the enterprise. At the heart of this transformation are enterprise mobile apps. Mobile apps are available in multiple forms -- as custom apps, public apps from app stores, apps built by an independent software developer for a company, existing apps used by the enterprise that are mobilized, or apps that are created that have never been used before, along with apps that are stored and distributed from a company’s enterprise app store.

Mobile apps are the lynchpin that delivers the benefits from investments in mobile infrastructure and other mobile investments. The mobile platform that’s used – whether it’s mobile application management (MAM®) or a hybrid of MAM and mobile device management (MDM) -- is what makes it possible to leverage the mobile infrastructure and generate transformative benefit to the enterprise. An enterprise mobility solution can serve as a mechanism for delivering and integrating mobile apps into the enterprise and ensuring that employees are adopting the apps so that the benefit is accrued. Meanwhile, the mobile platform also provides enterprises with the necessary balance of managing the apps to ensure that there’s compliance and mobile app security.

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