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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Apr 21, 2011 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

Giving Subversion an Edge

Enterprise Agile Planning

Reading our press release ‘CollabNet Extends its Subversion Support Leadership Position’ prompted me to go on a CollabNet walkabout to get an update on our numerous contributions to Apache Subversion and its massive ecosystem of users. This walkabout was also, in part, fuelled by the fact that I am often asked for statistics that underline our commitment to Subversion and that underline Subversion’s status as the most popular SCM product in the market. You asked for it:
• Subversion Downloads: We’ve been making Subversion downloads available for a number of years now from both our property and from Tigris. Did you know that in the last year alone we saw a staggering 3 million+ downloads ship from these properties?
• Subversion at Scale: Did you know that we have scaled single instances of Subversion to handle tens of thousands of user performing millions of transaction every day, 24*365?
• Subversion in the Cloud: Did you know that you can get Subversion on-demand in CollabNet’s cloud services? Thousands of customers have signed up for our true on-demand, Subversion cloud service from our Codesion Cloud Services platform
• Subversion Support: Did you know that our Subversion support is open to any Subversion user on the planet? Hundreds of thousands have subscribed to our community platform where they can connect with our Subversion committers and specialists. Hundreds of companies have taken the extra piece of mind of a robust service level agreement and have purchased one of our Support Packages.
• Subversion Bench: Did you know that we have a deep bench of Subversion talent? I mean a seriously deep bench that includes core Subversion committers and also the project leads for Subclipse, AnkhSVN and ViewVC
• Subversion Edge: Did you know that the adoption of Subversion Edge continues at blistering speed? In a matter of months we’ve seen the number of Edge servers successfully installed hurtle past the 19000 mark

Did you know that there is no company out there who can claim this level of sustained commitment to Subversion? I think it is obvious that CollabNet continues to give Subversion an Edge.

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