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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Jul 02, 2018 — DevOps Expert

How a Major Consumer Brand Automated 80% of its Software Development Pipeline with XL Release


What would help an Enterprise Architect sleep well at night?

Knowing that scalable, automated build and deployment processes are in place to ensure software releases happen faster and with less risk would probably provide some comfort. As would the freedom to choose the best tools for a task and not be bound to a particular tool because a build or release pipeline depends on it.

Throw in the ability to instantly share performance metrics with the appropriate stakeholders and executives and an Enterprise Architect might actually get a full eight hours of sleep each night.

That software slumber utopia has become a reality for Eric Redmond, Enterprise Architect at one of the world’s leading consumer brands.

Taking Control of the DevOps Journey

Redmond was approached by one of his company’s engineering directors about viewing a demo of XebiaLabs’ XL Release release orchestration product. The engineering director’s team was using XL Release to accelerate its software delivery velocity, transforming from slow, bi-yearly deployments to significantly more agile processes. “My response was, ‘I’m more worried about Agile and the future. There’s nothing you can possibly teach me that I don’t already now’,” said Redmond. “I was very wrong.” Prior to using XL Release, Redmond said that no one had a true holistic view of all the steps that were required to release software. Because of that, there was no way of identifying which phases were creating the biggest bottlenecks and pain points. All of that changed with XL Release. In a relatively short window, Redmond’s team was able not only to collect metrics that allowed them to make data-driven decisions on how to improve the pipeline, they were also able to automate 80% of their software release processes — up from only 10% prior to using XL Release. Want to know more? Check out this video to see Redmond explain how XebiaLabs “allowed us to take control of our DevOps journey.”Without visibility into delays, tasks that are at risk of failing, and overdue deliverables, delivering higher quality software faster to the business is practically impossible. Learn how XL Release gives you the ability to plan, track, and execute all of your software releases.

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