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How to Collaborate in DevOps Software Development

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Puzzle DevOps Software Development is new to many organizations and figuring out how to best collaborate can be challenging. One of the recurring roadblocks experienced by the organizations we serve revolves around collaboration. What are some of the difficulties they face and how can DevOps address these to help deliver great software and build systems that scale and last? At Blue Agility, we have been leading large/scale agile transformations to help our clients align business and IT, achieve faster time/to/market, and remain competitive in the current marketplace. DevOps Software Development Software development is an intense collaborative process where success depends on the ability to create, share and integrate information at a very rapid pace. With globalization comes a growing need to foster highly productive software development teams that can operate successfully in this global market. Distance creates an additional challenge to development processes, as fewer opportunities exist for rich interaction and direct communication occurs less frequently. Virtual team collaboration is the collaboration of teams that are not located in the same physical location. These teams could be either on/site, near/shore, offshore or a combination of the three types. BA_1   Whether dealing with teams collaborating in the same location or virtual teams across multiple locations, collaboration is key to a successful DevOps transformation.     DevOps is focused on improving the principles of collaboration including:

Voice of the Customer Just in Time Requirements Refinement Social Interaction Transparency Demonstration Fast Feedback

How to Collaborate So how is collaboration best optimized within DevOps? The key is to enable effective collaboration at the three following layers: Team Collaboration: DevOps builds on the concept of small teams working together to achieve “great things.” collab           Team of Teams Collaboration: A group of teams working in cadence and synchronizing often. BA_3           Intent/Idea Collaboration: Alignment to ideas/concepts that have been identified, analyzed and approved for delivery. BA_4           With the challenges of collaboration, tooling to support the development teams becomes critical. Whichever tool is selected, it must have the ability to deliver transparent and effective collaboration for all three layers to truly be successful across the entire delivery life cycle. Last Word Ultimately, the improved collaboration afforded by DevOps Software Development leads to better reliability, more time to focus on the core business, faster time to market, and of course, happier clients.

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