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There are many possibilities for scripting with XL-Deploy.  XL-Deploy keeps a lot of information about the applications deployed in your environments.  With the CLI scripting tool that comes with XL-Deploy we can get access to this data, write custom reports, automate deployments and a host of other tasks.  As an example of some of the things that can be done to collect information out of XL-Deploy lets look at finding all of the applications deployed under an Environments folder.

Environments_FoldersXL-Deploy organizes environments in folders.  There can be many folders to organize an environment.  For each environment defined there can be several applications deployed.  XL-Deploy keeps track of all of the applications deployed to each environment.  We can create a script that can search through all of the environments to find all of the applications that match a given criteria.  Since this will be a CLI tool we can define some command line options to control the script.  For this script I will be defining the command line options as follows:Find a Deployed Application in a Folder.  Command line options are as follows:  --verbose -v  Debug mode  --folder -f   The folders to look in.  The 'Environments/' will be added  --app -a      A pattern to search for in the application nameTo implement the switching we can use the GNU getopt library.  I my script I have done this as follows:try:   optList, argList = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], 'vf:a:', ['verbose', 'folder=', 'app='])except getopt.GetoptError, err:   help()   sys.exit(2)#End tryAfter the script collects the command line options.  We can search the XL-Deploy repository for applications that match our requirements for folders and application names as follows:depApp ="udm.DeployedApplication") for app in depApp:   if re.match( folder, app ) :      if appName, app ) :         theApp =         name = re.sub("^.*/", "", app)         version = re.sub("^.*/", "", theApp.version)         print "------------------------------------------"         print "Application = " + name         print "Version     = " + version         print "Environment = " + theApp.environment         print "Deployeds:"         for deployed in theApp.deployeds :            print "   * " + deployed         # End for         print "------------------------------------------"         print " "      # End if   # End if# End forThe output of the final script is as follows:$ -q -f `pwd`/ -- --verbose --folder=Dev/TEST ------------------------------------------ Application = PetClinic-ear Version     = 1.0 Environment = Environments/Dev/TEST Deployeds: * Infrastructure/Dev/Appserver-1/JBoss/PetClinic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Application = PetPortal Version     = 2.0 Environment = Environments/Dev/TEST Deployeds: * Infrastructure/Dev/Webserver-1/Apache/PetPortal-to-PetClinic-ProxyPass * Infrastructure/Dev/Webserver-1/TestRunner/Check-PetPortal-to-PetClinic-ProxyPass-Test * Infrastructure/Dev/Database-1/MySql/sql * Infrastructure/Dev/Appserver-1/JBoss/PetClinic-ds-on-jboss * Infrastructure/Dev/Webserver-1/TestRunner/Check-PetPortal-On-Webserver-Test * Infrastructure/Dev/Webserver-1/Apache/webContent * Infrastructure/Dev/Webserver-1/TestRunner/Check-PetClinic-On-Appserver-Test * Infrastructure/Dev/Appserver-1/JBoss/PetClinic-ear ------------------------------------------ 
The source code is available on github.

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