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This post is from the Apperian blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Jan 13, 2014 — App Management expert

Insurer Covered with Low-Touch App Distribution Approach

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One of the challenges that many companies face with mobile app distribution is making a full cadre of apps and capabilities available to workers without having to deal with the complexities and burden of hosting the apps on their infrastructure.

South African insurer Santam found itself in a similar predicament. The company sought an effective way to make mobile technology available to its distributed network of 2,000 brokers to help make them more productive while servicing its customers more efficiently. In advance of the company’s annual Intermediary Conference, Santam developed a set of enterprise mobile apps to enhance broker productivity and facilitate the claims process. The enterprise apps include QuickQuote, a tool for determining insurance premiums and QuickView, a mobile tool that enables brokers to look up customer policy and claim details.

As part of its efforts, Santam needed a secure method for app distribution to broker devices it didn't control without putting them in the Apple iTunes store. The insurer also didn't want to host the apps on its own infrastructure. Yet it wanted to provide a professional looking catalog that was easy for its non-tech savvy brokers to access – anytime and anywhere.

In search of the right solution to address its needs, Santam selected an enterprise mobility management solution with Apperian. The cloud-based platform provided Santam with the polished look it wanted from a branded enterprise app store that was easy to deploy while providing seamless scalability to its thousands of employees and broker intermediary network. The ease of use of a mobile application management (MAM®) platform for both users and administrators also played a key role in its selection. Within hours after creating an account, Santam’s mobile administrator was up and running on the MAM platform. Within a week, the company had a fully functioning app store available to its brokers. The app catalog provides Santam’s brokers with a familiar interface they can use to choose enterprise mobile apps, view additional information, and access app-related training materials on their iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.

So far, more than 1,000 brokers have logged into the enterprise app store and the company is on a fast track for achieving high adoption rates and to meet its productivity and business goals. Santam’s future plans for mobile app distribution through the Apperian MAM platform include providing access to its nearly 3,000 employees to a staff directory with social media support to encourage connectivity and collaboration across its mobile workforce. 

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