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Integrate Agile & DevOps with VersionOne

Enterprise Agile Planning

Millions of dollars are invested in Agile & DevOps initiatives within software organizations, yet real process improvement and return/on/investment data have been difficult to come by. Fragmented processes and tooling for all the various aspects of the software development lifecycle make data/driven decision/making even more challenging. Learn how integrated Agile & DevOps can help you make better decisions and accelerate software delivery in this overview of our webinar, Integrate Agile & DevOps with VersionOne.

The DevOps Buzz

The term “DevOps” typically conjures up thoughts of automation. But DevOps – just like Agile – has as its ultimate goal the “[conversion] of business needs into capabilities and services that provide value to [your] customers.” And both emphasize constant collaboration and the frequent delivery of working software. Today, actually, the expectation is increasingly becoming not just “frequent delivery” but “continuous delivery”. This just isn’t possible to sustain, without both Agile AND DevOps working together. Agile and DevOps both have their philosophical roots in Lean, and they are really complementary disciplines that fall under the larger umbrella of the Lean concept of Value Stream Management.

It Starts With the Value Stream

The term “value stream” simply means all of the steps required to create and deliver something of value, such as an epic, feature, or product. Your value stream starts at ideation, continues through development as value is created, and ends when the feature, product, or service has been delivered to your end users.

Value Stream Management Goals

The core objective of Value Stream Management is to perpetuate business success by continuously and efficiently delivering value to your customers. In a nutshell, the details of value stream management involve:

  • Understanding your value stream and removing waste from it
  • Aligning and Focusing all parts of your value stream on customer satisfaction and organizational strategic objectives
  • Communicating across your value stream continuously
  • Speeding decision/making and throughput
  • Improving relentlessly

The specific practices embodied in Agile & DevOps can certainly facilitate achieving these goals. With this in mind, it makes sense that for Agile & DevOps to work together for effective value stream management, the value stream must be whole, and as the term “stream” suggests, it must flow.

The Fragmented Value Stream

Fragmented Value StreamMost enterprise organizations’ value streams are fragmented into three main phases: strategy, development, and delivery. In a fragmented value stream, each phase evolves into its own teams, processes, tools, and information that are not fully integrated with the rest of the value stream. The challenge that remains is that as user stories, features, and epics get developed, they are typically converted from human language into binary artifacts. And once user stories are locked into binary code, they are virtually impossible to track as they progress from development to being delivered to end users. This makes it really hard to know with any level of confidence:

  • when your software will actually be delivered to the end users,
  • where any specific story currently sits on the delivery map,
  • or how much risk there is in the release.

Integrated Agile & DevOps

Integrated Agile & DevOpsIntegrated Agile & DevOps relies on continuing to track user stories until they are delivered to the end user to enable you to integrate all the people, process, tools, and information across the organization into an unified value stream, providing stakeholders across all phases with the information and management insight needed to make better decisions and accelerate delivery.

Unifying Agile & DevOps with VersionOne

Unify Agile & DevOps with VersionOneVersionOne uniquely integrates and coordinates activities across the entire software delivery value stream to ensure higher quality and reduce risk. VersionOne enables you to track value as it flows from ideation, through development, and all the way till it is delivered to end users. Check out the full Integrate Agile & DevOps with VersionOne webinar to see how VersionOne:

  • Integrates the entire software delivery value stream from Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Roadmapping, Release and Iteration Planning all the way to Release Automation and Deployment
  • Connects historically fragmented tooling and processes into an integrated solution to provide real/time, data/driven insights
  • Enables organizations to plan, prioritize, and measure the flow of software development initiatives as a single, integrated development lifecycle process
  • Automates real/time visibility and release governance and reporting

Integrate Agile & DevOps with VersionOne   Learn more at

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