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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Aug 25, 2010 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

Integrating Applications in CollabNet TeamForge

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CollabNet TeamForge 5.4 (CTF) has a lot of great new features. One in particular caught my eye, and that’s the Integrated Application Framework (IAF). That CTF is so feature-rich might be enough, and now you can integrate third party applications, your own created tools, objects, or modules, allowing you to extend this platform. For most software, you get what you get, but with CTF you can also add what you need. And the API makes integrating your application or tools easy.

Keep in mind, this API is “Alpha,” meaning it’s in the earliest stages, and we welcome your feedback. CTF comes bundled with the sample application Pebble, an open source, light weight blogging tool. This application is intended for experimenting with the IAF only, and is not intended to be used as robust blogging software. You can use any application you so choose to learn how to use the IAF.

Once an application is integrated, its UI is embedded in the CTF interface, and you’ll have easy access to it via the button, if you so choose. Additionally, object IDs from your application will show up in Recently Viewed and Edited menus, and you can create associations and linkify the external object IDs to other TeamForge objects from within CTF, as shown below:

You’ll also be able to associate object IDs from your integrated application with other TeamForge objects. In this case using Pebble, each blog entry would have it’s own object ID you could associate with other artifacts.

For the tutorial we’ve created for you to follow, using the sample application Pebble, there are three basic steps to use Pepple within CTF 5.4:

1) Install Pebble
2) Integrate Pebble into your TeamForge 5.4 site
3) Add Pebble to a TeamForge project

From there you can use Pebble to blog, to associate the object IDs with other CTF objects or tools, and you’re set!

As mentioned above, CollabNet TeamForge 5.4 has many new features worth checking out, and the addition of the Integrated Application Framework allows you to integrate third party software, your own in-house tools, objects, or modules, expanding the platform even more to suit your development needs.

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