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With the announcement made and the initial excitement behind us, we are finally able to talk about Experitest joining We join them at a remarkable time in human history. The effects of Covid-19 and its impact on global businesses omnipresent. Scenes of civil unrest worldwide are changing the way we communicate. The times are certainly unprecedented.

The challenges that we and many of our customers faced during the shutdown and subsequent periods of quarantine were remote capabilities and security. Many QA and software testers began to work from their homes. Without our SeeTest platform, many of them would not have been able to test their applications. We continue to carry a strong sense of pride forward. We were able to provide these teams with the tools they needed to test applications remotely. Additionally, they were able to do this while still adhering to important security guidelines.

We received many wonderful compliments for our service and platform. This one, for example, came from a senior IT manager at an international airline. “I like to express my sincere gratitude for your support and helping us out with public cloud access, thanks for being a great partner and understanding our situation during this tough time.


It was during this time that came on board. They are a growing tech company dedicated to helping enterprises achieve their digital transformation goals. The foundation of the company’s offerings is based around value stream management (VSM) which we will discuss in a moment. The unified VSM platform they are offering is a combination of agile planning, application protection, software delivery, and artificial intelligence technologies.’s goals which align with ours is to connect software development and delivery to strategic business outcomes. The results will help enterprises build customer trust via secure digital experiences. was founded by several leading providers of agile planning, DevOps, and app security technologies. Experitest is proud to count ourselves among other like-minded companies helping enterprises accelerate their digital transformation while helping them deliver value and growth.

Overview of Value Stream Management

Considered a lean business practice VSM helps to establish the value of software development, delivery and resources. By managing the SDLC from end-to-end VSM improves the value flow to an organization. It is no longer enough to focus your development on features and functionality. A good VSM plan will put more focus energy on the elements of an app or software that work. It starts and ends with customer experiences from receiving a request to delivering the final product.

Companies are learning to view their software development as an essential link to their business goals. By strengthening this bond organizational leaders will see how their software teams’ work is supporting their business. It is all about having visibility into how the development process is working.’s Value Stream Management Platform

The aim of’s VSM platform is to power digital transformation by helping customer organizations solve the most difficult software development challenges that they have. They, and we, want to help improve efficiency and security making software delivery easier than ever.

The issues with organizational struggles in achieving digital transformation are not new. They are usually caused by a lack of visibility, accountability, and collaboration. In order to reach their desired business goals company leadership along with, the technical and security teams need to have a way to align.

That is the power of the VSM platform. With tools that increase visibility across all processes, tools, and teams, organizations will measure value based on quality, customer satisfaction, retention, security, and usage.

Elements of the VSM

The full spectrum of the entire platform is made up of several products. Let’s take a quick look at each of them.

VersionOne – An agile management tool that will unite all of your internal teams. They will be able to better strategize, plan, and deliver perfect software releases.

XL Release – For advanced pipeline management. This enterprise-level release management tool will help you standardize your processes. You can also track each release while keeping your release pipeline compliant and secure.

XL Deploy – This is a deployment automation tool that gives users the capability to standardize their deployments while simultaneously standardizing the processes. All environments are available from a mainframe to middleware, and containers, even the cloud.

Arxan Application Protection – Their solution protects your apps from reverse engineering, tampering, API exploits, and any other risks from various digital attacks.

Arxan Threat Analytics – A set of threat detections and response capabilities.

Arxan Key & Data protection – Contains full-featured white-box cryptography.  QA and IT teams use key and data protection for encryption and decryption keys no matter where they are stored.

Apperian Mobile App Management – IT teams can now distribute their apps and support their users’ needs with increased mobile collaboration and productivity.

Experitest – Mobile and Web app testing. We assume that you already know us, but in case you don’t, we offer continuous testing solutions that provide developers and testers with the ability to integrate with other tools in their DevOps pipeline. The solution gives organizations the ability to deliver secure, high-quality apps quickly and at scale.

TeamForge ALM – A secure and adaptable management platform that gives software teams the ability to choose the best workflows for both traditional and bi-modal development.

Numerify – AI-Powered Analytics gives users expanded analytics driven by augmented intelligence that increases efficiency while reducing risks.

How’s vision is coming together

The most important goal of this company is to combine different technologies in the realm of agile planning, application protection, software quality and delivery, artificial intelligence, and continuous testing in a unified Value Stream Platform.

With this foundation in place, is aiming to make connecting software development and delivery to business goals simple and effective. It is this driving force that will give customers the ability to gain customer trust while improving their own digital experiences.

Experitest’s role in the new Organization

The main reason why acquired Experitest was to enhance its value stream management with our quality assurance platform. Since our platform integrates with all tools and languages we are providing the entire family with an improved DevOps pipeline.

The SaaS-based continuous testing platform that we provide enables users to test their web and mobile apps across 2,000+ browser versions and real mobile devices under authentic end-user conditions. Our platform combines functional, manual, automated, and performance testing. This gives developers and testers the ability to test at a high scale and release high-quality apps quickly. To see it for yourself take a free trial.

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