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This post is from the Collabnet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Oct 25, 2016 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

Jira Asset Maturity Exposed with Continuum

Enterprise Agile Planning

  There we were, the typical booth duty, we've all been there.  "Hey have you guys heard about Continuum, VersionOne's latest offering centered around DevOps?".  VersionOne Lifecycle users engaged in a great conversation.  Other's would reply with well no and we're a Jira shop anyways.  Our reply would then be, "Well Continuum does work with Jira at this time, however the data is only available in Continuum".  The launch of Continuum has been quite successful.  The value delivered when viewing data in Lifecycle has been tremendous.   We sat around thinking....what if.... After a bit of story mapping we had a solid approach in place and the discovery work started!  With several stories in the backlog we set off to make Continuum integrate with Jira visually.  After several weeks of the integration team collaborating with the Continuum team we had the first Continuum dashboard up and running inside a Jira OnDemand instance.  This whole agile thing seemed to work well too by the way...I highly recommend it!  Once it was ready we delivered the glory to the Continuum sales team. Overall the dashboard provides information about a Jira workitem as it flows through your entire value stream.  Crucial details are provided from Continuum's knowledge of a workitem's relationship with other items from source code commits to build artifacts, into complex packaging.  Jira users can view up to date information within Jira about a workitem's maturity. Of course if you want to discover even more about that workitem a link if provided which will take the user over to Continuum for a deeper dive. The Continuum dashboard provides several pieces of helpful information.  First, you will see the most recent package name along with what phase that asset is located in.  The second section of the dashboard centers on activity information.  The number of total commits for that asset.  You will also see the first activity date and the last activity date which can help identify long running workitems.  The final piece is the overall total duration of the work on the workitem.  If any of the data is intriguing then a user could click on the link  and actually view the data in Continuum. In conclusion with the introduction of the Continuum dashboard for Jira we have delivered the capability to provide value to teams outside of Lifecycle users. The Continuum dashboard is available as a private add/on.  Please contact your sales rep or click here for more information.    

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