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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Dec 22, 2014 — DevOps Expert

Microservices are no Silver Architecture Bullet


With so many teams and organizations looking at containers and microservices right now, it's hardly surprising that we often get asked how our tools relate to microservices, and what our overall take on them is. I'd like to give my take on this by trying to answer the following question I was recently asked:"Are you planning to focus your tools on microservice deployments and CD, or do you believe they are a fad?"My response: Neither of the two. I don't see microservices either as the Silver Architecture Bullet, nor as something that will simply disappear with next year’s new fashion (remember "elastic apps"? Where are they now?). Certainly, microservices will not prove to be the right approach for all types of applications, as many seem to think now. However, unless the trend of mobile and device computing is dramatically reversed, the kind of challenges that come with microservices (distributed components, complex dependencies etc.) will be around for a while, and we will ensure our tools are well suited to address them. I'll try an analogy: to me, microservices are like a new type of road surface – say, the first highways in a time of gravel or dirt roads. they are undoubtedly beneficial and superior to the existing options in many circumstances, so it's pretty clear that there will be many more highways in future. But it is also obvious that not all roads will become highways. Dirt and gravel roads will certainly remain in various places, especially during the period of initial highway construction. At XebiaLabs, we see widespread potential adoption of highways, and are consequently making sure that our vehicles are well suited to their challenges and possibilities. At the same time, I believe we should not switch to building only sports cars that only run on highways and are totally unsuited to any other type of road. Instead, we should keep building SUVs, because we know that in any area of non-trivial size, you will have highways and dirt roads and forest tracks and other types of roads and trails besides."So...what precisely is it that you would say you excel at?"Continuing on the above theme, I would say: our Continuous Delivery and Devops tools are unique because they (and we as a company) are both pragmatic enough to be an excellent fit for your architectures, processes and business today, and sufficiently forward-thinking and cutting-edge to support the future architectures and processes that you will be implementing to accelerate your business tomorrow.

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