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Mobile Application Management (MAM®) is Taking Center Stage for Managing Mobility

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To date, the deployment and use of custom enterprise mobile apps has been somewhat limited. Email, calendars and contacts, mobile CRM, access to corporate intranets, and field-force automation for sales and field workers are the most popular applications in use, according to a new report from 451 Research. However, the speed with which mobility is penetrating the enterprise will lead companies to embrace mobile application management (MAM®) over the next two to three years as organizations evolve the way they develop, deploy, and manage mobile apps, according to 451 Research. This includes how processes and workflows will become increasingly extended to –  and accessible by – mobile devices, not to mention the influx of wearable technologies, the Internet of Things, beacons, and other sensors that are expected to pervade the enterprise. “The reality…is that this should and will become a land of plenty (as companies redefine) what productivity and user engagement means to the way they organize and monetize themselves,” says 451 Research analysts Raul Castanon, Chris Hazelton, and Chris Marsh in the report.

As a result, “companies are shifting their enterprise mobility strategies (away) from a device- and asset-management focus toward an approach that is centered on data and user management,” say the authors. A transition to enterprise mobility management (EMM) to enable organizations to expand beyond the limitations of mobile device management (MDM) and its inability to support 100% of devices and workers reflects the growing need to support users and secure the use of corporate data outside the enterprise. This helps explain why 46% of companies that have deployed EMM tools will invest in mobile application management (MAM), according to a 451 Research survey. "As IT deploys more applications to support mobile workers, EMM vendors will need to provide robust MAM capabilities," the report states.

Further complicating the mobile management landscape is that mobile device security now represents the top source of pain among 208 enterprise security managers who were interviewed by 451 Research. This pain point includes MDM “and the management challenges created by implementing such technologies,” according to a 451 Research article on the topic. As Apperian technology partner Mocana notes in a related post, mobile device security “can be boiled down to one primary concern: Ensuring that the right data is only able to be accessed by the right user, in a user friendly and secure manner.” We couldn’t agree more.

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