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Last Updated Feb 26, 2016 — App Management expert

Mobility News Briefing - Feb 26

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2016 Enterprise Mobile Threat Report -- what to watch out for...

The story? Mobile app risk management provider, Appthority, released their Q1 2016 Enterprise Mobile Threat Report that analyzed 315,000 apps, 112,000 of which were on enterprise devices, for risky behaviors.

Key findings:

Mobile app data is a hacker's key to enterprise spear-phishing attacks... Location, contacts and calendars -- very valuable data to hackers who are looking entice clicks of their spoofed email.

The Apple App Store is no longer malware free... 4 malware outbreaks in 4 months in a row and new mobile threats emerging like Quicksand cause employees to download risky apps without any warning.

Android is NOT a safer option... Android apps (88%) tend to leak data more often in comparison to iOS apps (50%), and they also lead to more privacy invasion problems.

Popular apps have the most risky behaviors... Data leak, information tracking and device configuration alteration-- risky behaviors that are found more commonly in the top 150 apps deployed on enterprise devices than apps in the enterprise overall.

What to do?

Secure enterprise mobile data at all costs. It's inevitable that employees will use their personal devices for work purposes or vice versa, their corporate devices for personal purposes. The threats listed above along with the ones that have yet to, but soon will emerge, make data security essential to every enterprise.

Unsure if your enterprise mobile data is secure? What this 5 minute demo video to learn how Apperian provides the highest level of mobile app security. Or contact us, we're happy to answer any question you might have.  

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