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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Feb 01, 2017 — DevOps Expert

New Code-Centric Features in XL Release and XL Deploy


Application Release Automation has become a critical function for successfully managing the complex release pipelines found in today’s enterprises. It’s also crucial to be able to share release data with teams across the business. XebiaLabs’ new 6.1 release introduces Dual-Mode DevOps to meet the needs of  enterprise users.

New code-centric features let teams define releases entirely in code in addition to using the familiar visual user interface. They also enable easy integration with code-centric tools such as Jenkins. [caption id="attachment_14349" align="aligncenter" width="739"] The new code-centric release definitions in XL Release let developers define releases entirely in code.[/caption]

Code-Centric Release Definitions and Control

First, we introduce code-centric release definitions, which allow developers to define releases with code in our new Groovy-based DSL, the Xfile. Now you can do core XL Release tasks like defining and starting releases entirely with code, using an easy and familiar file format. Updated XL Release and XL Deploy plugins for Jenkins give you code-centric control to kick off releases and deployments from Jenkins 2.0’s new pipeline-as-code structure, the Jenkinsfile. You can also create and upload XL Deploy packages from within a Jenkinsfile. Our new code-centric features provide greater flexibility for developers and help them better integrate into enterprise DevOps initiatives. By defining a release with code, developers can use the same tools and practices to manage releases that they use for other project artifacts. Releases can be versioned and stored in source control and teams can diff/compare multiple versions of releases, as well as apply the same review cycles as they are already using for the applications they are coding.  


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Dual-Mode Approach for Technical and Business Users

The new code-centric capabilities work in addition to XebiaLabs' current GUI-centric workflow, providing a versatile dual-mode approach. Some tools, such as Jenkins, cater primarily to developers by emphasizing code as the primary way to manage releases. But that approach is inadequate for the real-world complexities of application release automation in large businesses. With version 6.1, enterprises can offer two methods to accommodate the needs of different users: code-centric capabilities for developers and a visual tool with a user-friendly UI for other participants in the release process, together with powerful compliance and reporting capabilities. XebiaLabs’ new code-centric features augment a cross-enterprise DevOps strategy and will help bridge the gap between Development and Operations. Development teams can use the modality that work best for them to release great code while still giving the business access to the critical release information it needs to succeed. These features are available now, so if you’re a current XL Release or XL Deploy user, you can’t pass them up. And if you’re not, give these new releases a try! Our Product team would love to hear your feedback: feedback@xebialabs.comCurrent customers can get them in their user download area, and future users can try everything free.


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