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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Jun 25, 2012 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

New Release: TeamForge 6.2- Integration, Visibility, and Reporting

Enterprise Agile Planning

It’s exciting times for CollabNet customers. Today, CollabNet announced the release of TeamForge 6.2, with a heavy emphasis on integration, visibility and reporting.  Most notably also, this latest platform release enables leading Enterprise Git  and ‘Hybrid SCM’ (Git & Subversion) management, on-premises and in the cloud. With TeamForge 6.2, CollabNet also delivers on its strategy for Enterprise Cloud Development, which itself was announced just 8 weeks ago. Also today, CollabNet announced a new partnership with Black Duck®, embedding its Code Sight™ offering deep into the TeamForge platform for enterprise code search, across Git and Subversion repositories.

Learn all about TeamForge and see the webinars

In a nutshell, TeamForge 6.2 delivers on four key themes, as illustrated in the graphic below.

1. Enterprise-grade Git and Subversion Management
You now can manage Git and Subversion with one combined platform. TeamForge lets you securely create, configure and monitor code repositories, and govern enterprise development and release processes. Also, in addition to Git, TeamForge embeds popular tools Gerrit and GitWeb.
Learn more

2. Code Quality, Re-Use and Governance
By embedding Gerrit, ReviewBoard and Black Duck® Code Sight™, TeamForge provides a rich set of capabilities to improve developer productivity, with code reviews and automated search and discovery. Learn more

3. Planning, Measurement and Reporting
You get enhanced capabilities for Agile planning, with graphical desktop task boards and multi-unit planning. Also, a greatly expanded datamart provides information across site activity, code commits and tracker events. Dashboards are available out of the box, and with CollabNet Labs. Learn more about reporting and planning

4. Orchestration Across Tools and Clouds
CollabNet Connect now supports REST based applications, in addition to SOAP. You can deeply embed your preferred tools, or select any of the tools that CollabNet pre-integrated for you, including Jenkins / Hudson, JIRA, Gerrit, Code Sight and ReviewBoard. Learn more

We hope you’ll be as excited as we are, about that latest TeamForge release. The product will be available soon in our download section.

TeamForge 6.2 incorporates new tools and functionalities for hybrid development processes and environments.

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