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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated May 02, 2016 — DevOps Expert

Now Spin Up Cloud Infrastructure and Deploy with XL Deploy 5.5



One of the great merits of using XL Deploy is that it helps you to maintain one way of working across the different types of middleware and different applications. With the new provisioning features introduced today in XL Deploy 5.5, we now add the same way of working for provisioning infrastructure to this list. Now it really doesn’t matter anymore where you deploy, whether it is to physical boxes, virtual infrastructure or to the many cloud solutions that exist today. You can provision the infrastructure in exactly the same way as you do your deployments.

xl-deploy  By using templates for infrastructure, you can easily create standard environments for your development team to use. This feature ensures that you can very easily create a self service portal where your development teams can spin up new infrastructure just as easily as deploying applications to existing infrastructure. With this new feature, XL Deploy offers a scalable way of orchestrating and governing your favorite cloud or container solutions using its extensible plugin mechanism. You can integrate with any infrastructure you like, preventing vendor lock-in and letting you choose the best infrastructure for the job. Out of the box we support creating EC2 instances in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and preparing your machines with the Puppet provisioner from Puppet Labs. With many cloud solutions you pay per container used. When using XL Deploy, the un-deployment of applications can be linked to the tear down of environments so that it will definitely help you to control your cloud cost.

Why Cloud Provisioning with XL Deploy?

  • You only want to pay for resources that you are actively using.
  • You want to easily (and temporarily) add more capacity using both cloud and datacenter resources
  • You want the resources to be automatically created when you need them.
  • Your backend is hosted in your datacenter but your frontend is in the cloud. You need to deploy them together.
  • You want to have the same repeatable way of working whether you deploy to the cloud or to traditional environments.
  • You want the same level of control whether you deploy to the cloud or to traditional resources.
  • You want to be able to switch clouds easily. XL Deploy lets you stay independent.
Here’s an example. Let’s say you temporarily need more capacity to support the busy Christmas sales. You could temporarily add new cloud infrastructure to supplement your on-prem infrastructure with the same amount of control, using the same way of working. When the high-volume window is over you can just as easily remove the unneeded capacity and keep the templates ready at hand for next time. Can you imagine setting up a test environment, with all its dependencies, deploying the application(s) you want to test on and just as easily tearing down everything after the tests have been completed? With the same easy process applied to your development, pre-production and production environments? Many of our customers are contemplating to move (parts of) their infrastructure into the cloud, and XL Deploy can help you make this process very easy. You create a template for your cloud environment and you just drag the applications onto the cloud environment… and if you change clouds, no problem.  provisioning_plan_executing  This new feature takes all the advantages of our deployment approach and applies it to the environment provisioning process… not replacing the excellent provisioning tooling of today, but seamlessly adding an enterprise orchestration layer on top.

Try it out!

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