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Paul’s Fantastic Fall Journey of Agileness…

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The fall season has always been crazy for conferences and community events. The main difference this fall was that I got to hit the high points (IMHO) in person.  This meant a serious amount of travelling – well, more than usual for me. My “excellent adventure” saw me log over 30,000 miles flown traveling to London for an Agile Alliance board meeting and the Lean/Kanban conference, Munich for the Scrum Gathering, Boston for AgilePalooza, back home briefly for Agile Vancouver’s 4th annual conference and then a quick trip to Orlando for Agile Development Practices.
I am going to write up some posts covering each event but for me the most interesting part is thinking about the trips as a whole. I touched a really good sampling of different sub-communities that make up the broader agile ecosphere.  I got to meet tons of new people and see a lot of friends as well.

From the Scrum Gathering, where huge changes are happening within the Scrum Alliance, to my local user group conference in Vancouver that saw over 200 people come out to an event organized by a handful of volunteers, all these events are really about one thing: people looking to improve their craft and how their organizations deliver software.  And as much as the more commercially inclined within the Lean/Kanban community would like to differentiate themselves right out of the agile ecosphere, they are right in there helping to lead what agile is all about: change – constantly improving the way software teams work.

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