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Last Updated Apr 23, 2020 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

PI Planning in the Work-From-Home Era

Enterprise Agile Planning

Virtual PI Planning Best Practices from Beginning to End

Program Increment (PI) Planning is an essential ceremony of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). A strong PI Planning practice keeps everyone on the Agile Release Train aligned to the shared objectives of the teams involved and helps ensure that development is in step with business goals. Done well, it enables organizations to harness the collective power of multiple Agile teams to deliver incremental value to customers during each PI. PI Planning is typically two days of focused planning and collaboration, every eight to 12 weeks, with all the stakeholders in one place to discuss how the program backlog will be executed for the upcoming PI.

While both the Agile manifesto and SAFe emphasize the importance of face-to-face planning, budgetary constraints and recent travel restrictions due to COVID-19 are causing organizations to adopt remote PI Planning. Executing a PI Planning event with fully remote Agile teams can be daunting because it requires many considerations to ensure an engaged and productive session. Fortunately, there is excellent precedence as well as great tools and practices to facilitate successful remote PI ceremonies.

But first, organizations will need to adapt their tools, processes, and practices to navigate the new normal of virtual PI Planning and sustain Agile transformation efforts. This guide explains the PI Planning process from beginning to end with recommendations and best practices on how to effectively perform each activity remotely, using VersionOne and other tools where appropriate. Download the guide here.

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