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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated May 30, 2016 — DevOps Expert

Provisioning Cloud-Based Infrastructure On Demand


We are constantly finding new ways to use cloud technology to increase business efficiency. With the release of XL Deploy 5.5, we have added the ability to automatically provision cloud-based resources as part of your deployment process. Now you can automate your entire provisioning and deployment processes from start to finish.


Provisioning & Deploying Together

Bring the worlds of provisioning and deployment together into an automated software release pipeline that will save you time, money, and hassle. XL Deploy's new functionality will turn your cloud-based provisioning process into an automatic, repeatable, and auditable part of the deployment process. Enable teams to get the on-demand environments they need in minutes via a new self-service portal. This single, consistent way of cloud-based provisioning results in a standardized process for creating test, QA, pre-production, and production environments as needed. XL Deploy 5.5 uses a reusable blueprint that describes what the environment should look like. The blueprint then defines the middleware that will be installed and automatically registered in XL Deploy. After you define the blueprint, use it to create as many environments as you need, all of which are scalable. There are plenty of great reasons why you should automate your cloud-based provisioning with XL Deploy 5.5 today:
  • increase governance and security for your deployment and provisioning processes
  • save money by only paying for the cloud resources you're actively using
  • increase capacity easily and temporarily by using from both cloud and data-center resources
  • develop a routine that works for all kinds of deployments
  • flexibility to avoid vendor lock-in: XL Deploy is independent and can switch between different cloud platforms seamlessly
  • save time: resources are automatically and quickly created when you need them
Watch this 2-minute video to see for yourself!   

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