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This post is from the Arxan blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Feb 17, 2017 — Application Security expert

Securing JavaScript Applications

Application Security

JavaScript is ubiquitous - it powers multitude of libraries, frameworks and many other applications. JavaScript is a very dynamic language - it allows you to create new variables and determine the type of variables at runtime, and create functions or replace the existing functions at any time.

Inherent Risks in JavaScript Applications

Consider the Cordova build process, the web and the native-container codes are packaged into distributable artifacts (APK or IPA). Both APK and IPA files are based on the zip file format and can easily be opened by any zip-compatible tool, thus exposing web code in clear text. Cordova warns that source-code is not secure and is vulnerable to reverse engineering.

Dynamic nature of JavaScript makes it vulnerable to tampering attacks, such as modifying the code to change application behavior or injecting malicious code. Given that JavaScript code is always deployed in source form, it’s highly vulnerable to attacks. Adversaries could use JavaScript API as attack gateway to expose applications and data on back-end servers.

JavaScript offers many benefits, including but not limited to - high degree of deployment flexibility and portability. However, the inherent risks in JavaScript applications expose the businesses to loss of brand, trust, IP, and revenue.

Secure JavaScript Applications and Prevent IP Loss, Brand Damage, Financial Loss, and Compliance Risks

Arxan provides a flexible, enterprise-grade, cloud-based solution to address security risks inherent in JavaScript Applications in Mobile, IoT, Web and Embedded / Custom Browsers. Arxan Application Protection for JavaScript infuses the new security capabilities into the JavaScript application to make them resilient and self-protecting against reverse-engineering and code tampering attacks.

  • Code protection to make it extremely difficult for hackers to reverse-engineer, analyze and exploit the JavaScript application
  • Runtime protection to prevent malicious code modifications, bypassing of controls, tampering with the data integrity in JavaScript application
  • Key and data protection to secure client/server communications and sensitive information

Arxan Application Protection for JavaScript protects the organizations from breaches and disclosures, impersonation, cheating, exploitation and loss of intellectual property and digital assets. Key features of Arxan Application Protection for JavaScript include:

  • Compatible with ES5 and ES6
  • Cordova/Phonegap and Node.js support
  • Interactive protection design with guidance
  • Easy to use, fully tunable and customizable protection design
  • Effortless generation of unique protections
  • API to integrate seamlessly into build automation
  • Comprehensive security, including integrity and anti-tamper capabilities

Learn more about Arxan for Web.

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