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As Spring finally arrived in town, we thought it’s time to give our Git repo browser a fresh new look and released a new point upgrade of our TeamForge Git Integration.


New Look and Feel for our Git Repo Browser

New Look and Feel for our Git Repo Browser

Apart from the fresh look, we also took this opportunity to fix some bugs reported in the last quarter. For further details, please refer to our release notes.

If you dig deeper, you will figure out that we also added some more features to our repo browser, namely blaming support for changed files, gravatar support and linkification for TeamForge artifacts. If your commit message or file content contains a reference to any TeamForge tracker item, forum post, document, wiki, commit, report or project page, you can click on it and will be directly navigated to the artifact in question. The screenshot below shows both linkification and blaming links (gravator support can be seen on the screenshot above).

Blaming and Linkification In Action

Blaming and Linkification In Action

If you install our Git/Gerrit integration from scratch you will automatically get the new version if you run

yum install ctf-git-integration

If you already have our integration installed, you would have to run

yum install gitweb-caching

yum install ctf-git-integration

In both cases, just follow the instructions on the screen on how to run the post installation script and start Gerrit again.

Don’t like the new look and feel and already using our integration? No problem, just skip the update of gitweb-caching. We hope you enjoy our newest version as much as we do internally though.

If you think you have to wait until next Spring before you get further Git/Gerrit updates from us, you are (luckily) wrong. Expect a bunch of further Git related UI and platform improvements as part of the upcoming TeamForge 7.0 release. Furthermore, we are working on an upgrade to Gerrit 2.6. All updates will be announced on this blog, so stay tuned.


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