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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Feb 01, 2008 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

Subversion: 200,000 and counting

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Last August I blogged about Subversion running on 150,000 public Apache servers. On December 31st ’07 that number had grown to 199,432, less than 600 short of allowing me to open the New Year with a 200K

I looked at the number again this morning: Subversion is now on more than 220,000 servers. A month-over-month growth of over 10%. These numbers are staggering and – following the same logic as last time – I estimate that the number of developers using Subversion must now be over 2.5 million.

The data only reflect a subset of the Subversion servers out there. There are lots of Apache servers that do not report their modules, there’s svnserve, and then there is Subversion behind firewalls. The graph shows a trend, not the absolute number.

At CollabNet we track more data around Subversion and I see similar trends in other areas. For instance, downloads of the free 15-user version of SourceForge Enterprise Edition
continues to be strong. I only have data from the last seven months (we
acquired SFEE last year) but it is clear that more and more people are
looking for an enterprise platform around Subversion to manage
Subversion and crack the nut of globally distributed development.

If you want to read about managing Subversion through SFEE, check
out the paragraph “SourceForge Enterprise SCM Integration Framework”
in the December 2007 openCollabNet Technical Newsletter (find it in the newsletter archive).
One of the interesting things of SFEE is that it can easily take
existing Subversion repositories under its hood and you can even manage
non-Subversion legacy systems. This is great for migrations to
Subversion. For example, start new projects on SVN but continue some
existing ones on ClearCase until these projects are ready to migrate.

You can download the free 15-user version of SourceForge Enterprise
Edition from openCollabNet. One caveat though: it’s a VMware image that
only supports the Subversion server that comes with it. To manage other
Subversion servers or legacy systems, you need the full version of
SourceForge Enterprise Edition.

Attribution: Subversion data provided by E-Soft ( If you want to track the number month by month, monitor our Subversion growth page.

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