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Enterprise Agile Planning

We were just in Las Vegas for Interop 2016. This conference blends both IT operations and software application innovation — a perfect place to share ideas and connect with organizations pursuing DevOps. Conference tracks this year included applications, cloud connect and collaboration, and attendees told us they were eager to learn about the latest approaches to DevOps success.

It was clear that enterprises want better ways to manage the complexity of the application lifecycle, and to streamline the entire software delivery process so they can increase productivity and efficiency.  I heard this theme repeated from both conference attendees and speakers.

Here are a few highlights from the event:

  1. We won the “Best of Interop,” award in the Applications category!

CollabNet’s TeamForge took the gold, and was formally recognized by Interop as a product that has made a significant impact on the industry.  This is a prestigious award. Our CEO Flint, and of our board members and Managing Director of Vector Capital, Robert Amen, both commented on CollabNet’s success in winning this award. Read their comments in the full news release here.

I am proud of our team, great work everyone!

  1. Flint Brenton’s session, “Hey IT Managers, You Don’t Have to Hate Agile,” was well received

CollabNet, CEO, Flint Brenton, provided a series of steps IT managers can take to better understand the mindset and challenges of the developer world, and how Agile methodologies can be managed to benefit both the developer and IT manager.  Agile even builds trust across stakeholders in a distributed organization by allowing communication and collaboration. Agile is fundamental to the success of any sizeable business today.

  1. Great conversations in the CollabNet booth, and on the event floor

The Interop conference is the perfect industry event to connect with professional friends and make new ones. The CollabNet team did a fantastic job engaging conference attendees on the Expo floor and providing demos of TeamForge. Many of the individuals we spoke to, from CTOs to tech analysts and architects, expressed a need for greater collaboration between the Operations/QA and Development/IT units within their business. Having a platform that connects the dots for these folks, who are managing hundreds and thousands of processes, tools, tasks and people, is essential.

CollabNet is comitted to advancing both the human aspects and the science of software delivery. We enjoy the opportunity to attend, speak, and of course, win awards at leading IT industry events like Interop. In the virtual world we live in, it is so valuable to gather in one place as a community to share ideas, insights and experiences with each other. That’s how, as an industry, we move forward to meet the challenges of delivering quality software at speed.


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