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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Nov 24, 2014 — DevOps Expert

Successful Customer Experience: An Interview with Dan Robichau


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XebiaLabs Tech Support Engineer Dan Robichau is a key member of the team that was recently honored by ZenDesk customer service software vendor for being Number 1 in resolving open support tickets for a company of our size. In this interview Dan lets us in on his secret to creating customer loyalty and providing information in a proactive way.

1.    So what is the nature of your role as Support Manager?My role in support is to provide timely and accurate information that assists customers in using our software.  As with any complex software products, no matter how well designed and documented questions and problems will arise.  The role of support is to define and troubleshoot the problems presented by customers and to provide a concrete set of steps to solve the problem or achieve the goal presented.2.    What is your definition of a great customer experience?In the broadest sense, when a customer contacts support, it is because they have reached an impasse that prevents them from achieving a particular goal.  Whether because of a problem with the software, within the environment on which they are running it or a simply a lack of information they are unable to perform the tasks for which they’ve implemented our solutions. A successful customer experience is one in which the originally stated goal is achieved, quickly and with as little fanfare or fuss as possible.3.    What are vendors doing now to improve tech support that is different from the last 10 years?One of the major changes in tech support is a move towards providing information in a more proactive way.   There is an increasing emphasis on compiling the kind of information customers need to solve their own problems and making that information available online in multiple formats, text based, video or interactive tutorial etc. in order to anticipate their needs.4.    What’s the secret ingredient to achieve outstanding customer loyalty and retention?The secret is to actually care.  The companies that succeed in achieving customer retention and loyalty are not simply companies that provide great products.   Enterprise-level software necessitates an ongoing relationship between provider and customer.  This relationship doesn’t end but begins when the sale is made.  The best companies will be those which are truly motivated and excited to work with their customers to solve real-world practical problems.

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