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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Aug 27, 2013 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

Summer 2013 Release: Reach Out and Touch Someone

Enterprise Agile Planning

The Summer 2013 Release has some interesting value-packaged within.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

The old telephone adage has taken on a new twist this summer. Where the mighty Ma Bell once featured this jingle as a means to stir emotion and generate long-distance phone revenue, our customers now have a new means to reach out in a similarly open manner, but without the added cost.

Reach Out - AT&T

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Conversations+ allows teams to reach out to virtually anyone who might be helpful to them and include that person directly in the team’s conversation stream.

While teams and individuals have long had the ability to communicate with any other member, this is a pretty significant step because it effectively eliminates the boundaries of communication. No longer do all the participants have to be licensed, paying members of the VersionOne system.

Now, teams can freely reach out and include any relevant stakeholder, subject matter expert, customer or other contributor who is willing and able to provide thoughts, comments, feedback or answers. And what’s even better is that the input is visible to everyone on the inside who needs it, not just the person who did the reaching and whomever they remembered to share the results with.

How many layers must the venerable “voice of the customer” fight through before it reaches the people creating their solutions in your environment? How distorted does the message risk getting along the way? Agile is supposed to help eliminate those layers, but we know it doesn’t always happen. Now there is a direct line for that agile collaboration, making the journey quicker and avoiding the distortion that comes with multiple hops. Gone are the limits of time, space and organization boundaries. Agile communication just took a big leap forward.

A Place of Our Own

Last year’s TeamRoom™ feature was a big hit with agile development team members. So much so, that a segment of our user population felt a bit jealous. Those who were focused on planning and tracking at higher levels cried out, “Hey, aren’t we a team, too? Where’s the love?”

Well, the love is coming your way, too. PlanningRooms create your place with features focused on what you do. Prioritizing, decomposing, aligning, tracking, and adjusting your plans – all available at your fingertips. Being able to save the room URL and navigate directly back in allows your less frequent participants to get right to what they need without having to learn the full application’s menu structure. Communication within the group also gets a big boost via the conversations access right within the room. Look for even capabilities within rooms in future releases.

SAFe™ Numbers

Many who value PlanningRooms will also be interested in the SAFe reports added in the release. SAFe made a big splash at this summer’s Agile 2013 conference in Nashville, so if your organization is moving in that direction, you’ll find even more support for what you’re learning.

It’s There For You

Sound interesting? Check out the Release Notes for more, including a video that walks you through the Conversations+, PlanningRoom and SAFe Report features summarized here. Go ahead and start extending your reach.


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