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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Jun 21, 2017 — DevOps Expert

The DevOps Leadership Summit 2017 Wrap Up


We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for the DevOps Leadership Summit, which took place on Tuesday, June 20th at the Battery Wharf Hotel in Boston! The sun was out and the waterfront location was sublime—a perfect setting for gathering with customers and colleagues to share stories and ideas about everything DevOps.

Our CEO, Derek Langone, kicked off the event with a warm welcome to all our guests. [caption id="attachment_16695" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Derek Langone // XebiaLabs DevOps Summit 2017 // Photo by Miz Causevic Derek Langone welcomes guests to the 2017 XebiaLabs DevOps Leadership Summit[/caption] Tim Buntel, XebiaLabs' VP of Products, followed with a talk about how building a bridge to Enterprise DevOps starts with a strong foundation and evolves towards creating a “smart bridge” that allows organizations to use DevOps Intelligence to drive continuous improvement and focus on business goals. Despite a grueling 24-hour trip from the West Coast due to major thunderstorms, DevOps guru, Gene Kim, arrived at the event with lots of energy! He shared with us 6 key lessons learned since writing his popular book, The Phoenix Project. [caption id="attachment_15895" align="aligncenter" width="565"]Gene Kim presenting at the XebiaLabs DevOps Leadership Summit DevOps author and thought leader, Gene Kim, was the keynote speaker for this year's summit.[/caption] After a delicious alfresco lunch on the Boston waterfront...
…the afternoon buzzed with conversation and informative sessions by customers and XebiaLabs product experts. A big thanks goes out to Stefan Simenon from ABN AMRO Bank, Tom Larrow from KeyBank, Ting Cosper from Freedom Mortgage, and Tony Wilmer from Digital Globe, who shared their real-life DevOps transformation stories.
[caption id="attachment_15879" align="alignleft" width="366"] DevOps Automation Engineer, Tom Larrow, presented for KeyBank[/caption][caption id="attachment_15878" align="aligncenter" width="366"] Stefan Simenon, Head of COE Tooling & COE Software Development, presented for ABN AMRO Bank[/caption]
Congrats to several guests who received awards:  [caption id="attachment_15881" align="aligncenter" width="599"] KeyBank accepting their award for DevOps Innovation // Photos by Miz Causevic[/caption] Andrew Phillips, our VP of DevOps Strategy, gave the final presentation, explaining the Grand Unified Theory of DevOps! The day ended with everyone getting together over cocktails to discuss all the things they learned. We hope each of our guests came away refreshed, with new ideas to share with their teams back home. [caption id="attachment_15851" align="aligncenter" width="626"]Gene Kim and Derek Langone at the XebiaLabs DevOps Leadership Summit Gene Kim and Derek Langone were all smiles at the DevOps Leadership Summit after party. // Photo by Miz Causevic[/caption] Last but not least, thanks go out to our great sponsors--Compuware, Datical, Nous InfoSystems, Orasi, and Sonatype for helping us make this year's DevOps Leadership Summit totally fantastic! You can check out the entire day's agenda here.

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