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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Aug 08, 2019 — DevOps Expert

The Last Mile: Extending DevOps to the Database


Applications across all industries rely on databases to provide fast, reliable, and secure access to data. Even as an organization’s DevOps processes mature, automating database operations as part of the release pipeline often lags behind, and may even be the last area to be addressed. The processes for provisioning databases, replicating data across environments, releasing database software updates, and testing applications are often manual and slow and could end up holding up a release. The database is the last mile of DevOps, and to ensure a quality release, you need to cover every inch.

XebiaLabs has teamed up with Datical and Delphix to create a combined solution that orchestrates and validates database software as part of the overall software release pipeline. In the upcoming release of the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform, we’ll be unveiling new support for the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform that, in combination with Datical, accelerates your release process, provides data security, and improves the quality of applications released to Production.


Datical manages the deployment of database software updates. Its change management and DBA rules enforcement prevent bad software updates from reaching Production, helping reduce system downtime and lowering the potential introduction of security vulnerabilities. From within the release pipeline, Datical automates the database software update process, ensuring that database software is deployed correctly and that essential checks are performed for each and every release.


Databases are big, and replicating their data may take days or even weeks. The Delphix Dynamic Data Platform quickly replicates data across multiple environments while protecting sensitive data. Delphix data virtualization dramatically reduces wait times when replicating data and provides realistic, high-quality data within Development, UAT, and Pre-Production environments, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Bringing it all together

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform seamlessly integrates Datical and Delphix into the DevOps toolchain. This combined solution orchestrates the entire application across the software stack, including databases. Software changes are tested using Production-quality data, and each release is checked for correctness and adherence to DBA rules. No longer does deploying high-quality database software require a slow, manual, and error-prone process that is separate from the software release pipeline. The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform manages your data and database software releases reliably, repeatably, and securely at enterprise scale.

With XebiaLab’s DevOps intelligence, users gain actionable insights and identify critical bottlenecks, enabling continuous improvement of the release process. Users get an end-to-end chain of custody that tracks all release activities. Know what happened, when it happened, where it happened, and who made it happen for each database software update. Easily audit changes within a release to see which checks were performed prior to releasing to Production. 

Together, XebiaLabs, Delphix, and Datical improve both the speed and quality of your end-to-end release pipeline by:

  • Ensuring database changes are correct and adhere to established rules
  • Providing realistic, production-quality database data without the wait
  • Reliably and repeatably releasing to Production in a secure and compliant manner

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform with Delphix and Datical manages your end-to-end release, delivering the last mile towards an unbreakable DevOps toolchain.

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