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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Feb 22, 2011 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

Tigris by the Numbers – 187k Users Strong!

Enterprise Agile Planning

CollabNet is committed to the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) community. One measure of that commitment is our support for the FOSS community site Tigris.Org. You may be most familiar with Tigris as the birthplace of the Subversion project, but it’s far more than that. The Tigris mission is to build Open Source Software Engineering Tools, and there’s a lot of activity.

Tigris by the Numbers

  • Total projects: 1,455. A dozen or so are related to Subversion in various ways, such as Subclipse, the premier Subversion plug-in for Eclipse. But there are loads of other projects, too — just take a look at the extensive project category list: design tools, build tools, deployment tools, analysis tools — fifteen categories, each with up to 400 member projects.
  • New registered users within the last six months: 16,091
  • Total registered users: 187,816. And that’s just the registered users: nearly three quarters of Tigris’ traffic is anonymous, so the number of actual users benefitting from Tigris is surely much larger.
  • Total active users in the last six months: 17,932 explicitly logged in; many more accessed the site anonymously
  • Discussions started within the last six months: 5,307 — posts by humans, that is: this figure ignores the automated lists (for commits and issues)
  • Discussion posts within the last six months: 11,443 — again, humans only
  • Commits within the last six months: 17,152
  • And here’s an eye-popper: downloads of Subclipse releases in the last six months: 1,881,652

Got an Open Source Software Engineering tool project of your own? The Tigris Community welcomes you! Just start your project in this fertile valley!

Like the infographic? Thank Michael Gin and share it under Creative Commons

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