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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Dec 29, 2014 — DevOps Expert

Top 3 XebiaLabs Blogs of 2014


In case you missed our most popular blogs of the year or you just need something to read while traveling, we have compiled a list of our Top 3 most popular 2014 XebiaLabs blogs.

Rocket vs Docker and The Myth of the "Simple Lightweight Enterprise Platform:

This was a big year for the debate on containers, especially for the Rocket vs Docker argument. In this blog post by Andrew Phillips, we take a closer look at Rocket's launch announcement and wonder if the "Simple, Lightweight Enterprise Platform" is just a pipedream."With seemingly everyone who’s ever written an app or booted a VM jumping on the cargo ship at the moment, it’s hardly surprising to see the launch this week of Rocket; a credible challenger to Docker in the container space." More...

David Farley CD

Cargo Cult DevOps

In 2014 the term DevOps has become the trendy word everyone has started using. It is synonymous with Agile Deployment, Continuous Delivery and Release Automation. In this XebiaLabs CD Master Series, Dave Farley takes an in-depth look into what DevOps is and the culture behind it."DevOps is a very successful meme in our industry. Most organizations these days seem to be saying that they aspire to it, though they don’t necessarily know what it is." More...


Why, for many, Delivery Automation is the Right Thing To Do right now

Is the world ready for release automation? It seems like that no brainer to us here at XebiaLabs, and I am sure PuppetLabs and Chef would probably say the same. Andrew Phillips discusses Zero Turnaround's 2014 statements involving the Release Automation industry and takes a closer look at what Delivery Automation really is.A couple of months ago, ZeroTurnaround, makers of popular development acceleration tools such as JRebel, halted their foray into the release automation space and killed off their LiveRebel product. ZeroTurnaround’s Alex Laats recently followed that up with a post that tried to explain the renewed focus on development tooling by outlining why he felt “the market was not ready for release automation”. More...

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