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Top 5 New SeeTest Features of 2017

This post is from the Experitest blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Dec 24, 2017 — Continuous Testing Expert

Top 5 New SeeTest Features of 2017

Continuous Testing

Everything has a best or most interesting feature. From Frank Sinatra's voice to Paul Newman's piercing baby blue eyes, the icons of Hollywood certainly have their best features. The same is true of cars. With all of the Bluetooth and connectivity features being released over the past year, it feels like we are already living in the not too distant future. Oh did I mention self-driving cars and electric powertrains? Yeah, that stuff too.


It seems obvious then that software would also have its best features. There is new software and version releases coming out constantly and some of that software comes packed to the brim with interesting features and capabilities.

Three new models were revealed: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the brand new iPhone X (pronounced iPhone Ten) which marks iPhone's tenth anniversary.


We at Experitest, providers of the SeeTest Quality Assurance Platform for Web & Mobile Apps, are no different. We had 12 releases in 2017 and of all those cycles we have put together a list of the 5 best features we released in 2017.


But first, for those of you who don't know, the SeeTest Quality Assurance Platform for Web & Mobile Apps. allows developers and QA to continuously test and release mobile and web applications. You can integrate with industry open source tools such as Appium and Selenium and execute against a large inventory of mobile devices and web browsers for quick results.




Now without any further ado. Here are the top 5 SeeTest Features of 2017.


5. Performance Monitoring (CPU, Battery, Memory)


When you test a new app or update, first and foremost it has to work. That much is as clear as the waters of , whose waters are filtered through a highly concentrated underground deposit of limestone. Interestingly there are many parallels between those crystal clear waters and mobile application testing. We filter our apps through various testing and QA software in order to make sure that users enjoy a crystal clear experience.


One of the ways we do this was introduced in 2017. Device monitors can ensure that while your application works well it also does not take up too much of the device resources of your user's mobile phones.


The way it works is simple. Our SeeTest Quality Assurance Platform provides these monitors both in our automated and manual testing software. You will be able to test your device CPU, memory and battery. The battery consumption monitor includes a detailed breakdown of the causes of energy consumption.


Even better than the monitors are the visual test reports that will be provided at every stage of the test with all the graphics and statistics you could ever need in order to properly address any energy consumption issues.


4. Cross Platform testing (browsers and mobile)


The use of native application development and testing tools is continuing to grow, as well as the need to test responsive digital apps on numerous platforms. If an app does not perform well it can sink like the Titanic. But it won't sink because its hull was torn apart by an iceberg. Scientists have theorized that an unnoticed raging fire burned in the hull for three weeks even before leaving Belfast. That fire left the hull weakened and vulnerable to the collision with the iceberg.


When you are able to test your app it is the same situation. Why only look ahead to the iceberg when there might already be a fire burning within?


Cross Platform testing allows developers and QA to test their apps to make sure that they run on any configuration of the device model, operating system, and browser type.


With this new feature, you can use your Selenium based automated tests to trigger mass cross-platform testing on numerous devices and browsers all at once. This will increase your test coverage and automate even more of your testing. As with all of our testing solutions there are visual test reports that you will have access to at the end of every test execution so there will be no mystery when it comes to learning from the results of a cross-platform test run.


3. Grid


Kevin Flynn played by Jeff Bridges in the movie Tron: Legacy calls the grid "A digital frontier". I think we would be happy to agree with him.

The Grid according to SeeTest provides Developers and QA with the ability to execute large-scale parallel execution on remote devices in your mobile device cloud. Tests are executed based on predefined parameters such as device model, OS version, application version, network conditions, category, location and more. The Grid is able to distribute tests and schedule executions according to device availability and predefined priorities.


The Grid can also be integrated with any CI environment for automated continuous testing.

We introduced another feature within the capability this year as well. While your automated tests are being executed you can view the tests in the Live View as they are being carried out simultaneously or click on any job to open a live session for analysis or debugging.


The digital frontier indeed.


2. SeeTest Reporter




These days analytics are used to measure everything. From the speed and distance of a home run to the performance of a stock during a company's IPO, it is all statistics and analytics. SeeTestReporter is our digital test analytics system that consolidates all of your digital test results for mobile and web to gain end-to-end quality insights and drive improvements. It provides developers and QA with a single snapshot containing key information on all of their web & mobile applications, including test execution status and test coverage rate.


You can monitor and analyze your entire QA program from a single place. Consolidate web and mobile application test results from any framework or any type: unit, smoke, sanity, functional, non-functional, etc.


The Test Analytics capability streamlines the fault investigation process for better decision making and faster resolution by allowing you to centrally manage fault status, including investigation results and action items.


What it adds up to is a highly effective way to view your test results and it is all contained within the SeeTest Quality Assurance Platform.


1. Appium Studio for Eclipse


Many Java developers would like to automate mobile applications tests on both Android and iOS platforms.


Now they can with the Eclipse Plugin for Mobile testing a tool for developing Appium/Selenium mobile tests and automation frameworks. The lightweight automation framework is easily integrated into JUnit, TestNG or any other automation framework.


With this tool, you will be able to easily develop, automate, analyze and debug your mobile tests right in Eclipse, on remote physical devices.


So there you have it 2017 was a busy year over here at Experitest and we have a feeling 2018 is going to be just as successful and busy. Stay tuned for another blog post coming soon about some trends and features that are worth looking into in the future.


Take a free trial of our Mobile Application Testing Tools: Appium Studio | SeeTestAutomation | SaaS Digital Assurance Lab | On-premise Digital Assurance Lab

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Jonny Steiner - Content Manager

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