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This post is from the Collabnet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Dec 16, 2014 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

‘Twas The Night Before Sprint Planning

Enterprise Agile Planning

We hope you enjoy this holiday poem on Sprint Planning. It was an early holiday gift to the Agile Management Blog from Daniel Gullo, owner/principal of Apple Brook Consulting. Thanks, Daniel! ‘Twas the night before Sprint Planning, and all through the Team Not a member was worried about the upcoming theme. The Stories were refined and the Backlog was set; Poker had been played without a single bet. Appropriately sized and estimates all sound; Acceptance Criteria to establish firm ground. The ScrumMaster and Product Owner had just finished a call, To talk about ordering and a potential Sprint Goal. The Retro had happened several days prior; The Scrum Team had discussed how to move the bar higher. Agreements were revised and the Definition of Done Included more testing and other such fun. The stakeholders were eager to see the new stuff: “The product has value!! Perhaps we have enough??” In the last Sprint Review, the Team had shone bright, A shippable increment, a product in its own right. Wouldn’t be long ‘til the Team would release, Causing the customers’ delight to increase. The CEO and the VPs were finally content, The decision to be agile had caused no lament. Developers are happy in practicing their trade Testers are ecstatic they are no longer blamed. And everyone has a chance to really collaborate Without worrying about the build being late. As dawn approached and meeting was nigh, The Team members were up on an adrenaline high; Excited to move forward and full of new hints, The wonder of Scrum and working in Sprints. “Is agile right for me?” you may be wondering, As your organization continues with delivery blundering. If your culture is ready to be focused on learning, Agile will help you return to positive earning. Blessings/ Daniel Gullo CSC, CST Get more info on sprint planning within VersionOne.728x90/red/demo

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