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This post is from the Apperian blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Feb 27, 2012 — App Management expert

Updates from Apperian Team - Mobile World Congress Pictures from Barcelona

App Management

Kick off to Mobile World Congress!

Hope Barcelona is ready for us!

This is every mobile app nerds’ heaven right here!

Day One: Looks like our iPads are ready for MWC with their Apperian logo stickers!

Apperian’s founder and CSO, Chuck Goldman, heads to our booth located inside of the App Planet hall.

And the painting begins! Team Misfit is customizing our booth with the coolest art work as we unveil the World’s 1st Social Corporate Directory App.. Go Epicenter!

Miriam is making progress! AND she’s giving people even more of a reason to tweet about our booth..”Liz Bacelar: @DavidBaeza What a cool booth photo! @Apperian is so creative! #MWC12″

“Pete: @Apperian, loved the booth and the new app launched today. You guys are AMAZING! #MWC12″

“Guy Lunardi:Come color on @Apperian ‘s booth, they will donate to @GHNI !!! 7G11 #mwc12 #mwc”

“John Bergquist: Added my color to @Apperian. Great to see @DavidBaeza @ajleon and @melissaleon. Great booth! #MWC12″

Up close and personal. Stay tuned for more updates to watch the development of this stunning masterpiece!*Check out this video to see the completed booth!

Well done, Google!

Cisco has a fantastic booth at the main entrance.

This is like the SXSW of the mobile world!

Outside of the exhibition venue.

Awesome waterfall infront of the venue.

What a huge turnout MWC is this year, with 60k+ attendees and over 1500 booths. It utilizes 15 city blocks and takes about 30 minutes to walk from end to end, without stopping at any booths!

Visitors of our booth showing off their new Apperian T-shirts! What do you think of our Apperian Chuck Taylor sneakers, shown in the middle of the collage?

<!-- Goldman, heads

Apperian team members rocking our awesome new T-shirts! Take a good look at those empty walls, they will be totally transformed once the show begins. Can’t wait!

--> <!-- up close and personal

As if our booth isn’t already cool enough, we’re even giving away T-shirts with the Apperian logo just for coming to talk with us and check out Epicenter. Did we mention it’s the worlds first Social Corporate Directory App?

--> <!-- what do you think of our apperian

Looks like our VP of Business Development, Cimarron Buser, was hard at work all week as he met with tons of clients who also attended MWC. Good work, Cim!


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